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MD Lash Factor, launched just two months ago, boasts impressive results: 54% increase in eyelash growth after four weeks. However, after the FDA recall of Jan Marini's Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner last November, you can't be too careful. The Jan Marini product contained bimatoprost, an ingredient the company claims it no longer uses. The latest Jan Marini eyelash growth product contains prostaglandin, which is used for treating glaucoma and can induce side effects including itchiness and change of eye color. For more background, click here.

The active ingredients in MD Lash Factor include:

Panthenol: commonly used in shampoo, it strengthens hair by adding moisture.

Biotin: also known as Vitamin H or B7, this is a strengthener for nails and hair. A severe biotin deficiency results in loss of eyelashes. However, biotin is not readily absorbed through the skin so may be ineffective in shampoos or products such as MD Lash Factor.

Prostaglandin: MD Lash Factor contains a derivative of prostaglandin, a treatment for glaucoma that is also used in Jan Marini's latest eyelash product. Although less potentially harmful than bimatoprost, prostaglandin can produce side effects.