MDRejuvena Rejuvaphyl Redness Recovery

Reviewed by Marta on August 1, 2016

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I am prone to rosacea and, although I have learned to keep it under control, the occasional flare-up is an occupational hazard. I’m always risking my skin by testing new products. Recently, I’ve had a bad bout that I could neither trace the source of, nor fix with my usual remedies. Then the skin gods sent MDRejuvena Rejuvaphyl Redness Recovery ($60) my way.

MDRejuvena is sold in doctor’s offices and only just came on my radar — and I'm very glad that it did. After just two weeks of twice daily use, my red cheeks are calmed and I’ve stopped using concealer, as a light foundation is now enough. I will continue to use Redness Recovery for at least another two weeks and come back with an update, but I was so pleased with the results so far that I wanted to share.

This is an unusual redness reducer with some uncommon active ingredients, which MDRejuvena dubs Phytochromatic MD® Complex. At the heart of this is chlorophyll and copper. Back in the day, this combo was relegated to deodorants or products that needed a green pigment while its special qualities were somewhat overlooked. In fact, chlorophyll is the pigment in plants that is responsible for harnessing the sun’s energy in a process known as photosynthesis. Copper is a trace mineral found in the body and is a proven collagen booster and wound repairer.

In vitro studies have shown chlorophyllin-copper complex to be a powerful antioxidant. A pilot study by MDRejuvena, published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology, claims that the complex effectively treated women with photodamaged skin. MDRejuvena says that it also reduces redness. While my personal experience can attest to that, I haven’t found any independent studies. 

Another key ingredient is phosphatidylcholine, which can assist in manufacturing and repairing cell membranes and the formation of cell walls, making them supple and flexible, due to the high content of essential fatty acids. As a kind of phospholipid, this ingredient also attracts and maintains moisture in the skin. The formula also contains nourshing vitamins E and C.

I am not quite sure why sodium lactate is included, as this is typically a skin lightener and exfoliator. Pentylene and butylene glycol have some associations with skin irritation, but are mostly considered benign. The only thing to really dislike is the preservative and known irritant, sodium hydroxide. It should be noted that I have had no adverse effects from this product.

I will be sure to report back in a couple of weeks for our customary 30-day minimum testing period. At this point, I can only expect that I will continue to see positive results and that MDRejuvena Rejuavphyl Redness Recovery will be my go to treatment for redness and rosacea. An excellent find!