MDRejuvena Rejuvaphyl Rejuvenating Complex

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on September 15, 2016


By Anna C.

I am fairly new to the world of anti-aging skin care and had been using products from the TIA website for two months when I got the opportunity to try MDRejuvena Rejuvaphyl Rejuvenating Complex ($170). Wow, that's a mouthful! I couldn't wait to get started. I’m in my late 50s with several skin issues, including forehead lines, nasolabial folds, sagging skin and plenty of sun damage. Add to that an oily T-zone and large pores. During the four week trial, I discontinued use of all other products except Dr. Dennis Gross Original Skin Peel ($88 in the shop), which I continued to use three times a week to keep the exfoliation going for good penetration of the MDRejuvena product.

The MDRejuvena Rejuvaphyl products contain a plant-based, patented ingredient called Phytochromatic MD Complex. According to the brand, it is copper bound to the water soluble chlorophyll molecule, chlorophyllin, which allows for slow release of copper in the skin. Both chlorophyll and copper have healing properties, and copper also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This version is retinol-free and can be used as an alternative to retinol products. Also included in the list of ingredients are vitamins C and E, green tea, palmitoyl tripeptide 5 and aloe vera.

The product dispenses from a dual chamber pump with one side a white cream and the other side a dark green gel. They are easily mixed together on the back of the hand. I primed the pump as instructed each time before use — tap the cap down into the palm of the hand — and did not have any problems with the pump. Throughout the trial, I applied the product twice a day to my face, neck and crow's feet, avoiding the rest of my eye area. One pump was enough to cover my face and neck. It absorbed quickly, left my face feeling nicely hydrated, and my sunscreen and makeup went on smoothly after.  The product has a slight green fragrance that dissipates quickly. 

At the end of four weeks, my overall skin tone is more even, my skin is smooth with a firmer feel and is well hydrated.  I can barely feel my crow's feet, and my horizontal forehead lines and necklines are softer. It's hard to determine what level of change (if any) has occurred along my nasolabial folds, though my face definitely has a more youthful appearance. A friend recently commented that I was "glowing,” and I can't ever remember being told that before. 

I will definitely finish the bottle, and from what I have already seen in four weeks’ time, I expect the results will continue. Overall, I’m pleased and would say that this product is doing exactly what it said it would. My skin is looking so much better that I don't feel the need to wear makeup when going out and about. MDRejuvena Rejuvaphyl Rejuvenating Complex is costly, though, so I will have to carefully consider the results after finishing the bottle before deciding to purchase.