Reviewed by Lori

I must admit that I needed to purge myself of my anti-infomercial product bias before starting this review process.  I have been terribly disappointed by several celebrities who convinced me to spend my hard earned cash on useless products. My prior thinking was "Why would ____ risk their reputation promoting something that doesn't follow through with it's promises... it must work!"  Well, age (54 to be specific) does have its benefits and I have become older and wiser and yes, more skeptical. So when I began using Meaningful Beauty Purify Deep Cleansing Masque I was determined to give it my best HONEST effort!  After all, of course I want to look like Cindy Crawford... isn't it a dream of most women, regardless of our age!

Purify Deep Cleansing Masque promises to replenish and revive stressed-out skin by lifting away dead surface cells and skin-dulling impurities. Their web site claims: "You'll notice the difference in just 20 minutes with our "facial in a bottle." Used by Cindy on her wedding day, this masque includes an infusion of antioxidants and marine extracts that purifies, deep cleans, and revives stressed out skin. Formulated to help promote collagen for more youthful-looking skin."

Since several products from this line have already been reviewed, you are probably all familiar with Dr. Sebagh and his scientific breakthrough discovery of the rare french melon (looking much like my favorite cantalope). Cindy Crawford claims that she believes so strongly in Dr. Sebagh's anti-aging formulas that she's collaborated with him to bring the 'amazing benefits' to women everywhere in the form of Meaningful Beauty.

The masque arrived in a simple white 1.7 oz tube. (I honestly don't think it would provide many applications, but given the price of $40 for a 5 product kit, I guess its fair). Inside is a thick white cream that goes on very easily. Some folks might not mind the smell but its a bit too 'perfumey' for my taste. The directions state to use twice a week, leaving on for 15-20 minutes. I liked the consistency and my face did feel smooth when I rinsed it off.

After using it a few times and searching in vain for signs of its effectiveness, I decided to try the 1/2 face experiment using the mask on the left side of my face only on several occasions. Now, after risking a transformation into some new Two-Faced character, I am relieved to report that my skin still looks the same on both sides. This means, however, that I did not see the "facial in a bottle" response that Cindy has (wink wink).  Now, since I was so generously provided with the product free of charge to review, I did not have that "ripped off" feeling I had with other infomercial products.

However, after quite a bit of experimentation, I have come to the conclusion that this mask caused my face to break out!  I had been the proud new owner of the Clarisonic for about a month prior to Meaningful Beauty's arrival in my mailbox.  I was THRILLED how it made a tremendous impact in controlling my adult acne. So it became quite clear that every time I used this mask, a few dreaded bumps appeared on my face. To be perfectly fair, many products make my face break out so I need to be quite selective in what I use. I wish I could say that

Meaningful Beauty gave me that "Cindy Crawford Complexion"... but that's still only in my dreams.