medik8 hydr8 body

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on June 20, 2014


by Heather

My first impression of the Medik8 Hydr8 Body ($66.70) was very favorable. I am prone to dry skin in the winter. While I normally have to reapply lotion after washing my hands, I found that I did not need to do so with this lotion.

Medik8 Hydr8 Body applied like silk, with very quick absorption, no greasy residue and little to no smell. After one application, I noticed a visible difference in the hydration of my skin, especially my hands. Rough patches were visibly smoother and hydrated. I liked the fact that the lotion contains no parabens and hydrates through a blend of “moisture magnets," shea and cocoa butters and glycerin.

After two weeks, I find that I only need to apply this lotion twice a day (morning and night) to hydrate my skin. Its hydrating properties are the best I have ever seen, and I would rate this the best lotion I have ever used. I am so impressed that it makes me want to buy the rest of the Medik8 line.

However, based on other reviews of this lotion, and my own mother's reaction to it, I would say that results tend to vary. My mother was not as impressed with the lotion and found it did not hydrate her skin enough to merit the price. Her skin is significantly thinner and more mature than mine (she is in her 60s and I am in my 30s).