medik8 hydr8 day xd youth activating moisturiser

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Reviewed by TIA Community Member on February 5, 2014

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by Lisa

I was given the pleasure of trying out a product for four weeks called Medik8 Hydr8 Day XD Youth Activating Moisturiser ($80) with triple-filtered epidermal growth factors (EGF).  I'm 44 with very pale, dry (sometimes normal) skin, with sensitivity to ingredients such as perfume so I tend to purchase items that are fragrance and paraben-free — like this moisturizer! I love testing new products, especially since I'm in my 40s and am always looking to try the latest in physician-strength, anti-aging products to reverse signs of aging.

This winter in Michigan has been extremely harsh to my skin, so the timing for this trial came just at the right time. My skin was very dry, dull, wind-burned and chapped — just painful. I use moisturizer and sunscreen daily to protect myself from the weather year-round, but this winter has been the coldest in 20 years so my current products weren't enough and my skin was thirsty for more.

In came Medik8 Hydr8 Day XD Youth Activating Moisturiser. 

This moisturizer has three main ingredients that help with anti-aging: EGF, vitamin C and cocoa butter.  EGF is a synthetic growth factor that is identical to what we already have in our skin, but which decreases with age. So the Medik8 Moisturiser was simply putting what I was losing back into my skin; science is amazing!  Vitamin C, which I already love, is great for sun damage, brightening, reducing age spots, and helping with elasticity, and cocoa butter is phenomenal for nourishment. 

I put this moisturizer on my face and neck every morning for the trial period. It helped ease my skin dryness and tightness within the first week, and felt very soothing to my irritated skin. While it is rich, it is not greasy which is perfect for the morning to put under makeup and start the day off with no shine! By the second week, lines were becoming less noticeable and further decreased from the second to the fourth week. My skin became more radiant; the dullness was disappearing. It also became more supple and the crepiness was being minimized on my face and neck.

My 44-year-old skin has become more youthful, soft and radiant. I have received many compliments and am actually using less makeup now because my skin looks and feels so good. My makeup also goes on much more smoothly. I would consider purchasing products from this brand due to their scientific data and the results that I achieved in my four-week trial. While getting the best for my skin may require spending more money, buying a physician-strength product is worth it. Pamper your skin!