Medik8 Pretox Infin8 2nd Generation Triple Peptide Gel 1 oz

Our Rating: 4 stars

I was excited to be asked to review the Medik8 Pretox Infin8 2nd Generation Triple Peptide Gel ($135). I had thought about Botox many times to help correct or fill in the "deep lines," but I was terrified of it. I know many people who got Botox and they looked almost frozen or expressionless. Many of them were not real happy with it and frankly I just don't think putting poison in your body to look better makes very good sense. 

I am 54 years old and for a good part of 30 years I have always had lines on my forehead. When I was 30 they were just part of my biological makeup. Now they are called deep wrinkles! So of course there is nothing worse to make you age faster than deep lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows. I have been very lucky as far as crows feet, but they too are not our friend when it comes to looking younger.

I thought this Medik8 Pretox Triple Peptide Gel would be just perfect for me and, to my surprise, I think it may just be helping a slight amount. Yesterday I went for a facial and I was interested to hear what my esti had to say. She knows that I do reviews for TIA and asked what I have been using this time. I told her what it was and she was very interested in it. She thought that the lines were slightly improved. She said that there is nothing that will really make a big difference in the lines in 4-5 weeks. Mine are just too deep. She suggested I continue on with the product until it is all gone to see if there is any more improvement. She does not promote Botox.

So I guess any improvement is good and I will do as she said. The direction for application of the Medik8 Pretox Infin8 2nd Generation Triple Peptide Gel is twice a day but to use a very small amount. That is what I have done and it looks like I still have at least anther 4 weeks left. So what are the ingredients you ask. Well it is filled with a lot of wonderful things: peptides, peptides and more peptides. There is one in particular that stands out and is described as an elongation of the hexapeptide, argireline, called acetyl octapeptide (20%) which together with argireline makes up this exclusive and more effective Medik8 formula. This peptide that seems to be the one that helps most with "The Snare Complex," which Medik8 explains on their website as the way that peptides affect facial muscle contractions. It is like a natural Botox alternative. This formulation is suppose to do the same thing that Botox's botulinum toxin A does but in a much safer way.

There is so much science behind this product and I can only believe that it must work. On their website I read about the three types of wrinkles: dynamic, static and wrinkle folds. Apparently the forehead, brow and crow's feet are dynamic wrinkles. They are formed as a result of facial muscle contractions. When the muscles contract they cause overlaying skin to crumple and form lines. Botox, when injected, paralyzes these muscles preventing their contraction and preventing new lines from forming. Pretox Infin8 rejuvenates the skin by penetrating all three layers of skin and on muscular filaments responsible for facial expressions. I think it is amazing technology behind this.

So would I consider Medik8 Pretox Infin8 2nd Generation Triple Peptide Gel a great product. Yes I would. If I had my hands on this about 10 years ago it would have been a better product for me. Someone in their 40s or anyone who has not-real-severe crow's feet, brow and forehead lines might find it most effective. I haven't given up yet, though. Medik8 Pretox Infin8 definitely goes a long way and I will be using it up and updating my review in another month. The crow's feet are unnoticeable so it definitely worked on that. I also love the Medik8 Firewall serum ($135 in the shop) and use that daily.

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I believe that many could benefit from this product, especially those who are thinking of trying Botox. I did see some improvement and my esti concurred on that. The price is worth it to me to avoid putting poison in your face. I will write again in one month to see what the difference may be. I'm still crossing my fingers, and everything else!