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Medik8 Redness Corrector Review

September 15, 2017 Reviewed by Truth In Aging Community 0 Comments
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Useful for short-term redness reduction but gives no lasting changes


Immediately reduces redness


No long-term effects

Reviewed by Annette

At age 60 and of Irish, Scottish, and Northern European decent, my fair skin is prone to redness, tiny broken capillaries, and rosacea. The older I become, the worse this problem gets. It’s especially noticeable on my cheeks, chin, and around the corners of my nose. Lately, my forehead is looking red, too. Yikes! So, when TIA asked me to test Medik8 Redness Corrector and I read the ingredients and the claims made by Medik8—a complete ‘anti-redness’ product with six targeted actions to reduce redness, treat and prevent the appearance of future breakouts—I couldn’t wait to try it. Honestly, I admit I was hoping for a bit of a miracle so I could avoid expensive laser or IPL treatments.

My first impression after initially using this product can be described as hopeful. The pump dispenser worked perfectly and dispensed just the right amount of product. The creamy-feeling lotion went on smoothly and then dried in a few minutes without leaving a heavy residue. Like most redness correcting products, Medik8 Redness Corrector Moisturizer is tinted with green pigments, but unlike many of these products, the pigments went to work right away. I saw a seriously noticeable and immediate decrease in redness upon each application. Terrific! The effects, however, lasted about three hours. After this period, the redness returned—not completely, but very close. My dream of going around bare-faced without a BB cream began to vanish, but some redness reduction was a step in the right direction.

Another thing I noticed immediately after application was a slight tightening and lifting sensation, no doubt the caffeine and other ingredients at work. My skin felt and looked firmer and smoother, and had kind of a dry, matte finish to it.

What I didn’t care for was that although the product made my face feel tighter and drier upon application, it began to feel oily and look rather shiny after the initial tightening effects wore off. This was in a couple of hours. I played around with the amount of product used just in case I was using too much, but this didn’t seem to make a difference. I think if I had dry skin, it would be OK, but my skin is combination (even at my age).

As for the claims that Medik8 “interrupts the inflammation cascade, regulates blood flow, and reduces the formation of new capillaries,” I cannot validate this based on the period I tested the product. For me, the progression of skin redness occurs over time – months, not a few weeks. Perhaps if used over a longer period and I took pictures on a weekly basis, this “interruption” would be noticeable. Given the ingredients in the product that target these problems—caffeine and potassium chloride, a known vasoconstrictor—I would expect them to work gradually over time.

Another claim—protecting the skin from environmental damage—is supported by antioxidant ingredients such as Vitamin E. Plus, anti-inflammatories such as aloe vera and white tea helped calm my skin down a bit. One ingredient, alpha-bisabolol, was of interest to me. I did some research and discovered that it’s a main component of chamomile essential oil. It reportedly tames inflammation, stimulates healing, moisturizes the skin, and enhances the penetration power of other ingredients.

At the end of my test period, I can say that Medik8 Redness Corrector did help improve my skin’s reddish appearance, but that I didn’t see any long-term benefits in the few weeks I tested the product. Overall, I’d say my feelings about Medik8 Redness Corrector are mixed. I love the immediate reduction of redness, but wish the product had better staying power throughout the day. I did try it on my décolleté, which is kind of red/flushed and ravaged, and I adore how it immediately improves the appearance—reduced the flushed look and smooths the skin texture. I use it on my décolleté daily now!

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