I came across Menscience Anti-Aging Formula whilst researching products that contain GABA (you can click through to that post here). GABA, like, acetyl-hexapeptide 3 (or Arguireline), temporarily freezes the muscles leading to claims that these are Botox without the needle. In fact, neither of them do a good job of what they claim to do and, even if they did, the effects are superficial and short term. Menscience contains both. However, it also contains so many ingredients that have good long-term results that it is in danger of qualifying for a Truth In Aging Five Best award.

Most impressive are the powerful anti-oxidants: matrixyl 3000, coenzyme Q10 and carotene. Then Menscience Anti-Aging Formula also has retinyl and hyaluronic acid. Usually, you'd be lucky to get one of these ingredients let alone all of them in a bottle that costs about $56.

It has all sorts of other good things such as sesame and avocado. One intriguing ingredient is hydrocotyle gotu kola, a plant that is used in India for all manner of ailments (the only conclusive studies have shown that it does help diminish varicose veins). There is absolutely nothing nasty in this potion; even the preservative is a mild, non-irritating one.

Menscience, please bring out this exact product, but without the GABA and AH3 and I promise to buy it for my husband. I can't promise not to borrow it though.