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Michael Todd True Organics Citrus Spray Hydrating Spray Review

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Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin, Uneven Skin
michael todd true organics citrus spray hydrating spray
August 27, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A very pleasant hydrating face mist that can do triple-duty as a toner and a light cleanser


Wakes up your face and gives it a glow



by Jennifer

The Michael Todd True Organics Citrus Spray Hydrating Mist ($16) is not only a fantastic pick-me-up face mist but also a great toner and even light cleanser that I’ve enjoyed using the past four weeks.

For reference, I'm 40 years old. I was able to test it as a refreshing mist when our spring started with 80-degree days. The light citrus scent is indeed revitalizing but not strong enough to be overpowering. The spray nozzle distributes a very light, wide spray, perfect for misting. As promised, the spray woke up my face and gave it a glow without disturbing my make-up.

I also used this mist as a toner after washing my face in the evenings. I sprayed it onto a cotton ball, and it helped to remove any last traces of make-up and cleanser while leaving my skin fresh and soft. I even used it lightly on my eye area with no irritation or burning.

I typically work out first thing in the morning, and I like to lightly cleanse my face to avoid sweat mixing with any dead skin cells or residue from the previous evening’s skin care products and making me break out. However, I don’t want to use a product that will strip my skin and leave it dry. This Hydrating Mist works great as a light, refreshing cleanser (the citrus scent is perfect to help wake me up early in the morning) while leaving my skin soft and dewy.

The other use for this Hydrating Mist is as an aromatherapy pillow spray. I sprayed it on my pillow, and it did give a light scent without wetting the fabric. However, I don’t want to smell a refreshing citrus scent when I’m trying to fall asleep, so I won’t use it again as a pillow spray.

The product has only six ingredients, the first of which is organic aloe juice, which gives it is hydrating properties. Witch hazel is the second ingredient, which I find welcome in products since it can help to prevent breakouts. The third ingredient is phenoxyethanol, which has some mild controversy. According to the TIA ingredients list, “The Cosmetic Database rates it as a moderate hazard and notes cancer, allergic reactions, skin, eye and lung irritation, organ and neurotoxicity as possible effects of using products containing phenoxyethanol.” However, the TIA site also says that, “Phenoxyethanol has become a widely used ingredient because of its previously positive reputation as a relatively gentle preservative that is considered non-irritating; it is also one of the few preservatives that does not release formaldehyde.” TIA recommends a number of products with phenoxyethanol because of the large number of good ingredients those products also have. I did not have any negative reactions to this product, even around my eyes, so I would continue to use it despite the phenoxyethanol. The remaining ingredients are a blend of citrus essential oils, the non-toxic surfactant and emulsifier Polysorbate 20, and willow bark extract, a cleansing and anti-inflammatory ingredient.

After using this mist multiple times a day for four weeks, I have about three-quarters of the bottle left, so it should last at least four months. I will definitely be using this in the summer to refresh my face when I’m hot as well as to tone and lightly cleanse. I think this Hydrating Mist is also a must to take with me when I travel, since it has so many uses. At $16 for a large, 5.1 fluid-ounce bottle, I highly recommend this Hydrating Mist and will buy again when my bottle runs out.  

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