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Michael Todd True Organics Eyeosonic Serum Infusion System Review

Michael Todd True Organics Eyeosonic Serum Infusion System
January 10, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 2 Comments
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Mixed results for this eye cream/ionic tool combo system


Lightens dark circles; Infuser tool feels good to use


Didn't help puffiness or reduce crow's feet

by Laura

I was so thrilled to be given the chance to review the Michael Todd True Organics Eyeosonic Serum Infusion System ($107) recently for the TIA community. The system includes the Eye-o-sonic Sonic Ionic Infuser tool and Michael Todd Intensive Organic Eye Cream Treatment ($38 in the shop). My goal was to try the products together and review them as a whole as well as separately. 

I have been very interested in trying the Michael Todd True Organics line. Many of the products have been positively reviewed at TIA and I am a huge advocate of using organic products that contain little or no questionable ingredients. With that said, I have found that it is somewhat difficult to find all-natural products that produce substantial, noticeable results in the fight against aging skin. Because my skin is troublesome - I have combination, flaky, sun-damaged, breakout-prone, almost 40 year old skin - I often teeter back and forth between heavy hitting products and the simple all natural ones, such as 100% Pure. I vary my skin regimen based on how my skin is acting that week. 

For me, eye creams tend to often disappoint. I am a sleep-deprived mom of a two-year-old and a five-month-old, and I have terrible allergies, so my biggest complaints in the eye area are dark circle, puffiness, and crepiness. I don’t have huge crows feet but they are starting to show up as I am nearing 40. My eye puffiness is significant - my mom used to call my “Puff” when I was little because I would wake up with swollen eyes every morning (thanks, Mom) - and that has never gotten better. So, I am always looking for an eye cream that can combat my issues and de-puff my eyes. I am also on a budget, so I do not often have the funds to spend $100 and up on an eye cream. I splurged a while ago and purchased the well-loved Your Best Face Correct eye cream ($150 in the shop), which gave me the best results of any eye cream I have ever used. I also like 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream ($19 in the shop) for everyday moisturizing and de-puffing. 

There were some things that I liked about this eye cream and some things that I didn’t. I’ll start with the positive: this cream is great for dark circles! I really felt like after a few weeks my dark circles started to dissipate. The eye cream contains Haloxyl, which, according to their website, is supposed to "absorbs and eliminate colored blood pigments in the skin that are responsible for dark circles under the eyes.”  I also like the lightness of this cream and how it seemed to moisturize well. What I didn’t like was that the cream didn’t absorb very well into my skin. I like my eye creams to be moisturizing but absorb quickly and this one seemed to hang around under my eyes for a while. I don’t wear makeup at home so I can’t say much about how it works under other products. I also was disappointed that it didn’t do anything for my eye puffiness. The eye cream contains Eyeliss, which is thought to help address that issue, but I didn’t see results there. Lastly, I am not a huge fan of the applicator, which is a rounded, flat tip that you press to release the product. I found myself having a hard time controlling how much eye cream I produced and wasted some each time I applied it in the morning. 

The Michael Todd True Organics Eyeosonic Serum Infusion System also came with the Eye-o-sonic Sonic Ionic Infuser tool. It combines ultrasonic and ionic technology to help products better penetrate the skin. It is a little wand that vibrates at 260 oscillations per second when you place it on the skin. I cannot say for sure whether it helped, but it felt really good on my tired puffy eyes in the morning. I haven’t tried the tool with any other products, but I wasn’t super impressed with the absorption of the eye cream, so I may try it with a different eye cream in the future for comparison’s sake. I was not wowed by the infuser but it may have been the eye cream itself that I was not overly impressed with. I did try the eye cream by itself and with the infuser off and on and I did not notice a marked difference in absorption. 

Overall, I think this is a good eye cream if your specific goal is to lighten under eye circles, but it did not help my puffiness or reduce my small crow’s feet. I did like the list of good-for-you ingredients and the light moisturizing effects of the eye cream, but it was not the big heavy-hitting eye cream that I have been looking for to add to my arsenal. The infusion wand was fun to use and felt really good on my morning eyes, however I did not notice any extra boost in absorption when using it to apply the eye cream. This eye cream might be better suited to 20-somethings or those in their early thirties who do not have any issues with wrinkles or sagging. 

  • January 10, 2014

    by Valerie

    I also have this kit (which I got on Group or Living Social for around $30.00). I have to say that I don't use the applicator, but just dispense the cream onto my finger. Then I pat it in and don't have any problems with absorption, really none at all. I have only just begun using it, but like it so far. I can't specify results yet, but do like the idea of the tool and enjoy the lightweight cream.

  • January 10, 2014

    by Kelly

    (5 out of 5)


    thanks for the very informative review of the Eye-o-Sonic system. Because I use and love the M.T. antiox serum, I was very interested in this system. I too suffer mainly from all day under eye puffiness and also use 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream! I sadly have decided that my problem is probably loss of support in epidermal layer but have not entirely ruled out allergies. At any rate, I'm still in search of something to help de-puff but in the meantime honest reviews really help to weed out the non-performers.

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