Michael Todd True Organics Organic Aloe Nourishing Healing Oil

Reviewed by Emily on January 23, 2014


I became a convert to the Michael Todd Organics line last fall, when I reviewed the Charcoal Mask for TIA. The products are straightforward, unadulterated and equally sensibly priced. So I quickly agreed to a trial of the Michael Todd True Organics Organic Aloe Nourishing Healing Oil ($14) fortified with acai and lavender after asking TIA for a body treatment just as things got really cold and dry in the Northeast.

I found that the oil did a pretty good job with my really chronically dry skin – I’ve struggled with this literally since I was a child – which often becomes flaky and itchy during the winter. I unfailingly apply something post-shower – often, alas, some pretty heavy-duty petrolatum-based stuff. The Polar Vortex came along to put the oil to the test, and the product did mostly keep up, or at least did better than I’d expect.

It is an oil (rather than a lotion or cream) and I think whether that suits you is a matter of taste. As oils go, however, it is lightweight and absorbs very quickly, which I’d feared it might not. It didn’t stain clothing or leave me feeling remotely greasy. And, if you like lavender, the scent is truly lovely, intensely lavender (if you don’t like lavender, don’t even consider this one, though). Perhaps my only complaint would be the packaging. It’s in a simple plastic bottle, so applying it – with oily hands – can be quite messy and inexact. I’d suggest transferring the oil to a pump bottle or a bottle with one of those flip-lids to avoid pouring it all over your towel or your countertop.

Overall, though, this is a worthy member of Michael Todd’s lineup whether as a daily body treatment or an occasional moisturizer.  First of all, it’s hard to argue with the ingredients list (though soy oil is the first) in its simplicity. Aloe must be what lends it soothing properties, and of course acai is a major antioxidant. The company’s website says that the oil is also effective for acne and other conditions, as well stretch marks. I would definitely use it as a treatment after a day of sun exposure; the aloe would be perfect for that. And in addition to using it after showering, I found it serves as an excellent bath oil – the lavender adds that great relaxing scent and the oils really soak in for a smoothing and soothing effect. So I would put the aloe vera oil to multiple uses and I think that it’s a good value at $14.00 for 10.1 oz.