michael todd wild rose petal creamy body wash

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on April 2, 2014


by Cindy

I have been showering with Michael Todd Wild Rose Petal Creamy Body Wash ($14) this winter as part of Truth In Aging’s product testing. My dry, 50ish skin has responded well. I still use lotion after showering, but I have not noticed the usual itchy flakiness that can go along with cold weather. A little squirt on a puff or washcloth is all that is needed. 

Overall, the product performs well, is not terribly expensive and is made with natural ingredients like tea tree oil and acai for “antioxidant and antimicrobial deodorant protection.” According to the website, the body wash is paraben and sulfate free, and it contains 70% organic ingredients.

The Wild Rose Petal Creamy Body Wash would be darn near perfect if it weren't for the fact that it is so very “rosy.” My husband said he liked the scent (on me, not on him!) and that it was fairly subtle. I was relieved because the body wash fragrance seemed overpowering and old-fashioned to me, a floral enthusiast. In addition to the rose, there is also supposed to be hints of lavender and chamomile, but I could not detect them. I like the product enough to finish it, but I won’t be buying more — unless there is another scent to try.