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5 Ways to Minimize Your Morning Skin Care Routine

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August 3, 2017 Reviewed by Marta 2 Comments

This summer I have had some health issues that included an extremely severe reaction to antibiotics with an awful head-to-toe rash and skin peeling. Coupled with a profound loss of energy, I was forced to pare back my beauty regimen to the bare bones. Now, back to normal, my regimen has morphed into some time-saving tricks that I thought were worth passing on so that we can all get on with our days more efficiently. Because honestly, when is the last time any of us had the luxury of taking our sweet time in the morning?

Tone or peel rather than cleanse
Without fail, I thoroughly cleanse my face in the evenings. In the mornings, I sometimes feel that I can skip this step and use a gentle toner or a stronger exfoliating treatment, depending on what my skin needs. Either way it’s a quick swipe of Ayelet’s Lavender Chamomile Calming Face Toner ($34 in the shop) or Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peels ($88 in the shop). A multitasking alternative is Dr. Dennis Gross All-in-One Cleanser With Toner ($30 in the shop) if you aren’t willing to let go of your morning sink time.

Combine forces when it comes to your eyes and your lips
I believe that eye creams are absolutely necessary — morning and night — and a good one can double up as a lip cream. After applying eye cream to my under-eye area (from in the inner corner to the outer corner to encourage lymphatic drainage) and over the lids, I use any excess on the lines above my upper lip to target lines.  Some eye creams, such as E’shee Alpha Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream ($284 in the shop), actually give directions on how to use for both lid and lip, but most are formulated gentle enough for both areas.

Choose a day cream or serum that does it all
Okay, there isn’t really such a thing as a product that does everything, but some come pretty close when you are in a time pinch. These past weeks, I have relied heavily on MitoQ’s new Active Protection Daily Defense Cream ($135 in the shop). It has MitoQ’s signature mitochondria-boosting active, an essential peptide for boosting collagen, additional antioxidants that help shield the skin from environmental damage, plus enough hydrating and nourishing ingredients to allow me to skip the moisturizer on most days.

Forget foundation
I’ve never been the biggest fan of foundation. It always tends to settle in and enhance fine lines, defeating its purpose of making me look “flawless.” Also, think about the time spent slathering on moisturizer, allowing it to dry and then painting your face. Instead, I save precious minutes by applying a moisturizing BB cream when I need the extra coverage. These provide comfortable hydration and help camouflage imperfections. ClarityRx It’s Becoming Concealing Moisturizer ($52 in the shop) has become my go-to.

Amp things up at night
Obvious but key: One way to skip seven layers in the mornings is to really treat your skin at night. Reach for your retinol creams, heavy-hitting peptide formulas or targeted treatments before bed. Finally, I find that if I use a super-hydrating serum, such as Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Firming Oil ($66 in the shop), or a dense moisturizer such as Ayelet Opulence Superfruits Defense Cream ($44 in the shop), I wake up looking hydrated and ready for the day. 

  • August 4, 2017

    by Marta

    Michele, its uncanny that you should ask. I just got back from the doctor and he (like me) thinks that I did have Stevn-Johnson Syndrome. I feel pretty good now although still tired and depleted but all other symptoms are gone. Having a few tests and the doc will monitor me so I hope I don't have ongoing issues. My heart goes out to you and your son - it was a rather scary experience for me and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  • August 4, 2017

    by Michele Watson

    Hi I hope you did not have Steven Johnson Syndrome - my son in law is recovering after this...still issues one year later. I just wanted to tell you that I had a terrible atopic eczema break out recently after using Le Mer. Anyway what has reversed my eczema and is now in fact all I am suing on my sensitised skin is Bepanthen. Its a diaper cream (not zinc - its only dexapanthenol). I am so impressed its all I use at the moment. Its sticky but will help you! Re bb the best I have found at the moment - and I cannot get it easily (had to buy when in Europe recently) was Erborian. Will never wear foundation again...its amazing! If you get a chance look into it.

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