Mirai Purifying & Deodorizing Beauty Bar

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on January 17, 2014


by Pam

I found Mirai Purifying & Deodorizing Beauty Bar ($19 in the shop) to be exactly the product that I have been searching for. Early in my fifth decade, and fully in menopause, I have been experiencing changes. Not all are unpleasant; in fact, some are quite welcome! I'm thrilled that I no longer have super-oily skin or hormonal acne, but now I get to fight overbearing body odors. This product is giving me the upper hand and I finally feel like I am making headway.

This soap has a pleasant, albeit odd, fragrance that quickly dissipates on the skin. It lathers well and leaves your skin squeaky clean, but not dry feeling, and completely without any traces of odor. Since I use natural underarm deodorants (they aren't nearly as effective as conventional ones), I often have to wash my underarms after a few hours and reapply. This has drastically improved during the four weeks I used the Purifying and Deodorizing Beauty Bar, and I was able to eliminate the extra washing and reapplication of deodorant.

I never once used this soap on my face. It just didn't make sense to me to do so when I invest so much research time, money and effort into a skincare routine to combat aging.

Visiting Mirai Clinical's website gave me plenty of information about the efficacy of the combination of persimmon extract and green tea for eliminating odor. I appreciate the comprehensive lists of ingredients they refuse to use, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, a synthetic surfactant, synthetic polymers, and the preservatives propylparaben and phenol. I always pay attention to ingredient lists and do my best to avoid questionable chemicals and preservatives, hoping to lessen the cumulative burden on my skin.

It seems to me that there is truly a target consumer for this soap. I could see it being great for anyone with incontinence issues, strong foot or underarm odors, or odor caused by hormonal imbalances or changes. Its price of $19 seems a little steep to me, but since it does what it claims to do, it is worth it for your comfort and peace of mind. I will be using it as long as I have these unwanted odor issues, and honestly, I would pay even more if I had to, just to feel comfortable in my own skin.

This soap promised to cleanse and hydrate my skin, and remove odor.

It completely delivered!