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Mirai Purifying Body Spritzer Review

Mirai Purifying Body Spritzer .33 oz
January 4, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A pleasant-enough spritzer, but the off-putting scent makes this Mirai product a thumbs down


Immediate cooling effect


Unappealing scent, ineffective as deodorant

by Noel

This review is for Mirai Purifying Body Spritzer ($14). Mirai is a Japanese company with a focus on products designed for maturing skin. The spritzer is packaged in an elegant, frosted glass vial about the size of a mascara tube and contains 10 ml of product that will not last nearly as long as the 30 days suggested by Mirai, especially when used as a deodorant in addition to occasional spritzing throughout the day. The glass packaging makes me hesitant to carry it in a purse for fear of breakage.

As a body spritzer, the ultra-fine mist provides an immediate cooling effect, primarily due to the first two ingredients being water and SD alcohol. The deodorizing is accomplished by Aluminum Chlorohydrate and apg-40 formula, which is a proprietary blend of Astaxanthin, persimmon extract, green tea extract, vinegar and some botanicals. Mirai claims that apg-40 will eliminate and prevent body odor, including Nonenal, a recently discovered age-related cause of "old people smell", a change that doesn't occur until after 40 years of age.

I have tried this as a deodorant for underarms, feet, and as a spritzer during random "hot flashes." I also shared this with a couple of coworkers who are experiencing this wonderful stage of life. We all liked the immediate cooling effect, and that the alcohol, being offset by the beneficial ingredients, did not seem to further dry out the delicate skin of our necks/decolletes. We initially liked the light grapefruit scent, but within minutes it turned faintly sour with slightly bitter, spicy undertones. One even commented that it "smells like dried spit." I had previously noticed this scent change on just myself, and thought the spritzer was reacting with something specific to my chemistry, but each of the women still smelled a bit sour/bitter even after an hour had passed. 

This was a fail for me as an underarm deodorant, but I tend to require a stronger deodorant and have never had success with natural deodorants for more than a few hours. Even used on feet, it was not as effective as corn starch or foot spray.

I would only consider using this as a spritzer, not a deodorant, and only if Mirai would change the scent.

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