mirai purifying & hydrating face wash

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on October 16, 2013


by Kai

This product couldn't have arrived at a better time. I've been stressing a lot lately and have the acne to show for it. When Mirai Purifying & Hydrating Face Wash ($19 in the shop) arrived, I began using it twice a day. Most products I've used would clear the existing acne, but wouldn't prevent another breakout from taking its place.

Mirai didn't clear my acne overnight. However, my skin did clear after two weeks of use and no new acne took its place. I'm still surprised that after a month my face is clear of acne and blackheads. It also kept my face from feeling dry after washing it. Most face washes I've used that claim to hydrate usually leave my skin feeling sticky, but this left it with a nice, clean feeling.

The dispenser releases the right amount of cleaning solution. I would only press the pump once, but that gave a sufficient amound of product to wash my face.

The price for this product is competitive with department store brands. Would I use Mirai Purifying & Hydrating Face Wash again? You bet I would!