mitoq antioxidant supplements

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on May 23, 2014


by Susan

I was picked to test the MitoQ 5mg Targeted Anti-oxidant Supplements ($69.95 in the shop). Coenzyme Q10 is a very powerful antioxidant, playing a role in preventing and/or treating a number of health conditions, including that most near and dear to my heart as I close in on 60-years-old, skin damage. As the name suggests, antioxidants help prevent cell damage caused by oxidation, including free radical-induced damage to your skin.

I received this product with the lowest of expectations. I regularly take a regimen of high-quality supplements, including what I had previously considered the “best” CoQ10 available, Tru-Q. I have always been a little surprised and disappointed that the Tru-Q didn’t provide noticeable benefits, but attributed it to my long-term extremely healthy lifestyle. I had considered upping my CoQ10 intake, but didn’t want to spend the money, (CoQ10 supplements are pricey, and my results had seemed less than spectacular thus far), so I was currently considering eliminating it, rationalizing that my healthy eating provided more than enough through food sources. What my recent research taught me is that our bodies manufacture much of the CoQ10 we need within the mitochondria. Unfortunately, as we age, our production levels decrease.

There is currently no recommended daily allowance for CoQ10. I had been taking 50 mg per day, but switched to 10 mg per day of the MitoQ. I take it in conjunction with a B-complex supplement containing high levels of vitamin B-12, and food or supplements containing a small amount of omega oils, in order to enhance its ability to positively impact energy production and cell repair.

For me, MitoQ appears to be the missing link that boosts the results of my total regimen to the next level. I tested this product with a great deal of skepticism. When I felt a bit more energy and clarity of thinking after the first few days, I told myself it was my imagination. But the energy, clarity and overall feeling of well-being have continued, and my skin seems clearer and brighter, as well. I truly believe, as my supplementation regimen would suggest, that what we ingest is reflected in our skin. For me, this one’s a keeper.