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MitoQ Crystal Brightening & Skin Correcting Serum Review

is a Solution for:
Age Spots, Broken Blood Vessels, Dull Skin, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Spots, Uneven Skin
MitoQ Crystal Brightening & Skin Correcting Serum
June 16, 2017 Reviewed by Gloria 0 Comments
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A powerful blend of ingredients work at the cellular level to deliver skin that looks more even, fresh and vital


Reduces the look of dark spots, brightens skin and smooths the surface



MitoQ is one of my favorite brands. It’s a New Zealand-based company that has a revolutionary discovery that targets and supports the mitochondria. When I first used a product from MitoQ, it was their original Cellular Energizing Serum. I absolutely love that serum. So, to be asked to review MitoQ Crystal Brightening & Skin Correcting Serum ($155 in the shop) was a welcomed opportunity.

I had no idea what mitochondria were before using MitoQ, so I went to the website and their explanation is quite simple: Mitochondria act like “cellular batteries,” providing energy and vitality. They have a short video on the site that is also helpful. It is quite remarkable the extent of the research they have backing their products. It is way too much information to include here, but I would definitely recommend reading more about mitochondria dysfunction and why it is so important to our wellbeing. Now, on to my review…

I am always looking for a cream to use at night that will help with creases and wrinkles when I get up in the morning, as well as provide a fresh and bright look. Well, I have found my saving grace. This product rocks it out of the house! There have been a few wonderful improvements I have noticed. First, I see very few creases in the morning when I wake up. My face looks smooth and bright. I guess I never thought of my skin as being bright before.

The ingredients are superb, starting of course with the MitoQ complex, which is actually for cellular power, restructuring and lightening. Mediatone brightens and neutralises  pigmentation for a more even skin tone. Some of my personal favorites include hyaluronic acid for plumping the skin and more vitamins (A, E and B3) for regeneration of the skin. The formula also includes chamomile CO2 to help ease inflammation.

The packaging is great and very elegant. I started out using two pumps for my entire face, neck and décolleté.  I now have cut down to one and a half pumps. My skin is loving it. I also love the smell of the product. It has that wonderful almond scent that is very spa-like.

I am quite fair, 57 years old and a redhead, so I have had some dark spot issues around my cheek area. In five weeks of using this product, I don’t see them anymore. I really don’t like to wear foundation because I think less is best as far accentuating wrinkles, and since I have been using this serum, I truly don’t think I need it. I use a concealer on a couple of remaining spots on my nose where I have broken capillaries, but even those seem less of a problem.

All in all, MitoQ has retained its excellence in this product. I will definitely keep this in my repertoire of skin care products. It is the only thing I use at night, and I can honestly say I don’t need anything else.  There are no nasties in this product, so you can feel confident putting it on your skin. I also feel that at $155, it is well worth it. I have been using it for over five weeks now and there appears to be a lot left. 

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