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MitoQ Introduces Advanced Skin Care

MitoQ Advanced Skincare
July 17, 2017 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments

Mitoquinol mesylate, commonly known as MitoQ, is one of those genuine scientific advancements. It combines something that works with some precision engineering to create a molecule that has impactful anti-aging effects. I’m revisiting this important antioxidant, because we are introducing a brand-new range of MitoQ products in what for Truth In Aging is surely to be one of the events of 2017.

MitoQ Moisturizing Cellular Energizing Serum ($119 in the shop) has been a firm community favorite since it was awarded our Product of the Year in 2015. This hero serum is now joined by a range of day and night skin care that also feature some impressive peptides. Of which, more to come, but first, let’s revisit the science behind mitoquinol mesylate.

Back at the beginning of 2014, I predicted that anti-aging skin care would target the mitochondria. They are the power house of our cells, providing cellular energy that is so powerful I heard one researcher liken it to the equivalent of lightening. Imagine those bursts of energy in our cells. They also send messages to other components within the cell, tailor the cell to perform specific functions, and control both cell growth and cell self-destruction.

You’ll learn to appreciate your mitochondria since the mitochondria in our cells develop genetic mutations that cause them to either degenerate and weaken or kick the bucket with age. Recently, researchers in the UK were able to clearly demonstrate that mitochondria decline as we age — particularly in our skin cells.

At the time, I was learning about mitochondria I wasn’t aware of skin care products that were directly helpful. That is, until a member of the Truth In Aging community mentioned that she’d come across a new and interesting company in New Zealand. This turned out to be MitoQ. Deceptively simple-sounding, the key active is a form of a well-known antioxidant, ubiquinone. However, it has been bound to a fat soluble, positively-charged molecule that makes its way straight into the mitochondria. It even gets through the normally impermeable inner membrane to end up deep inside the mitochondria.

MitoQ has been chosen by the US government’s National Institute of Aging as part of a major research project on anti-aging.  I am proud that the Truth In Aging community spotted it before those boffins in Washington. The National Institute of Aging is part of the US National Institute of Health. It’s Interventions Testing Program (ITP) is an internationally renowned anti-aging testing program funded by the US Government. Results will be revealed in 2020.

Our beloved original MitoQ serum has been turbo charged with a more powerful dose of the active. But what of its new sister products? They, of course, all have mitoquinol mesylate as well as some complimentary peptides. Well known to the TIA community is Matrixyl Synthe’6. This is palmitoyl tripeptide-38, a peptide produced from derivatives of the amino acids lysine and methione sulfone (the latter is synthetic). Palmitoyl tripeptide-38 is a matrikine-mimetic compound that regulates cell activity, wound repair and collagen tissue remodeling.

As the name implies, Matrixyl Synthe’6 stimulates six major constituents of the skin matrix and the dermal-epidermal junction. The other key active that MitoQ has selected for the new range is Mediatone, a form of octadecenedioic acid (oleaic acid) that comes from sunflower seeds. It is supposed to lighten the skin and regulate melanin production by just over 50 percent. It is suitable for all skin tones.

Of course, we have tested all four of the new products, as well as the new and improved MitoQ, and there have been universal thumbs up. Check out some of the reviews below. 

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