moana instant lifting mask

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on October 17, 2014


by Leslie

Since menopause, I have been more concerned about aging. What are those changes around my eyes? Why is my neck beginning to sag? I don’t really like it. So, I decide every day to accept the changes while trying to be the very best I can be without surgery. My skin is approaching 60 years. It looks pretty good — no issues. Beauty for me, however, begins with my health. Plant-based nutrition, daily workouts, meditation, plus supportive friends and family lay the foundation for my fountain of youth.

The Truth In Aging products intrigue me. I am most impressed with the organic, nature-based ingredients found in the products in their shop. I tested the Moana Instant Lifting Mask ($106 in the shop). The ingredients in this product are from the sea, plants and essential oils. Moana products are certified organic. Used as a fungus and bacteria inhibitor, dehydroacetic acid has been deemed safe in cosmetic use. So, the product is easily incorporated into my lifestyle choices. Marine glycans from red sea algae is one of the main ingredients. This ingredient is now the cutting-edge product for cell repair. Easy to use, it is soft and silky on application, which is how it leaves my skin. Will it return me to my youthful 30s? No. It will, however, help me to look much, much younger than my 60 years.