Moana Instant Lifting Mask

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Marta on March 16, 2015


Our new best friend from New Zealand, Moana, is already getting a lot of love from the Truth In Aging community. Especially doted upon is the Moana Instant Lifting Mask ($106 in the shop). I already love the Moana Serum ($119) and so was excited to try the mask and, hopefully, be won over. Actually, I was a pushover.

The thing about Moana is that it isn’t your typical “natural’ formulator. I think this has come across in several reviews, where our community testers have admitted to finding purely natural products simply aren’t as effective as they would wish. Their prejudices were put to the test with Moana, which seems to demonstrate that a natural product can also be an effective anti-ager.

Moana Instant Lifting Mask is a wonderful pick-me-up. I used it the other day when my skin looked dishwater dull and I had a kind of need-to-look-my-best-or-as-near-as-dammit day ahead of me, and it was transformative. My skin looked restored and felt hydrated for the rest of a very long day.

The consistency is more liquidy than most conventional face masks and it goes over the skin in an even (easy to apply) thin layer. Moana warns that the mask will leave your skin feeling tingly or tight and in my cases, it did feel a little tight, but not at all uncomfortable.

The key ingredient in the mask (and a Moana signature active) is glycans. These aid communication between cells and our natural reserves of them diminish or weaken as we age. Moana’s glycans come from a red seaweed indigenous to New Zealand.

I think the tight and/or tingling sensation from the mask is from harakeke, a plant that exudes a clear gel on the surface of the leaves at the base of the plant, and this contains polysaccharides and is mildly astringent. Being a kind of flax, it is also rich in omegas.

I like the inclusion of mamaku, a kind of tree fern. In skin care, it is supposed to reinforce the fibers around cells, stimulate cell renewal and increase GAGs (glycosaminoglycans, which play an important role in collagen). Also worth a call out from the ingredient roster are antioxidant manuka honey and kiwi fruit.