Moana Moisturiser

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on December 1, 2014


by Julie

I have SUPER sensitive skin. It truly feels impossible sometimes to find products my face will tolerate. My quest is never done in trying to find those that make the grade.

Preksha and Danielle — two of TIA's wonder women — are always on the lookout for products I can try that are targeted to work on sensitive skin, so when Danielle contacted me and asked if I would be interested in their "Dare to Try" for Moana Moisturizer (NZ $99 or $78 USD in the shop), new from the land down under, I was elated. I had just finished using my Mad Hippie Face Cream so the timing was perfect.

The marketing team for Moana have created such a pretty package! The bottle almost has the color of mother of pearl. The moisturizer itself is a white, creamy, very lightweight cross between a lotion and a serum. It absorbs immediately into your skin. You would think with the many oils it contains (kawakawa, kiwi seed, jasmine, bourbon geranium, roman chamomile and Mellissa Officionalis Essential), along with aloe vera gel and New Zealand Red Algae, that this lotion would have a residual stickiness or a heavy feeling, but that is not the case. You really cannot feel it, it's that amazing! It provides long-lasting, all-day moisture to skin and for the most part did not cause any reaction on my skin, which was a positive.

The scent is another issue. Along with my sensitive skin is my sensitive nose, and the scent of this lotion is really too strong for me. It is not a pleasant smell, I must admit — rather like mushrooms. Though it does dissipate, it took too long to do so for me.

Also, I have come to realize that as my skin is in the mid-50's range, simple moisturizing really doesn't cut it. This moisturizer really didn't do anything more for my skin than just moisturize. And while it did that very well, at this stage of my life I need more. Even though I use a serum every evening (Sciote Peptide+Defense Firming Youth Serum) and a nighttime moisturizer (Michael Todd Damascus Rose Enriched Anti-Wrinkle Cream), the Moana Moisturizer used during the day didn't provide the extras I needed. I think this moisturizer would be wonderful for younger skin, those with mature skin will be left wanting.