moana oil

Reviewed by Cheryl C. on July 4, 2014


I'm 49 years old with sensitive, sun damaged and acne prone skin. I use Tazorac to keep breakouts under control, which tends to make my skin dry. I am always looking for that magic moisturizer that fills in the dry patches and keeps my foundation from looking cakey. I was happy to try the Moana Oil (NZ $89 or roughly $78 USD) to see how it would work with my skin. Primarily, I wanted to know if could it moisturize and condition without causing breakouts. I am thrilled to report that yes, this worked to improve the dryness and did NOT cause breakouts, which is huge!

I started using the Moana Oil for four weeks on one side of my face only, so I could compare the results. I was a little skeptical because it IS an oil, and it feels like an oil when you first apply it. To me, oil equals breakouts. But that's not the case. The Moana Oil absorbs quickly, so you can layer it with your usual serums and creams. Not only did it not cause breakouts, I thought the non-Moana Oil side of my face broke out more than the Moana Oil side! I was also happy with the texture of my skin; it felt more conditioned, like the oil was really helping. I can't say that my wrinkles got smaller, but I can say that overall my skin looked younger because it was not as dry.

Next, I used the Moana Oil all over my face and neck. Over the course of about two months, I've used almost the whole bottle; that was with twice-a-day use, every day. Moana (from New Zealand) says to use the oil within three months, so the timing is good. I tried using it on bare skin after cleansing and then serums and creams which seemed to work the best, but you can also put it on over serums and creams. In the morning, I used foundation, and I never had to wait for it to absorb. Plus, it smells great. I used it on the backs of my hands pretty routinely, and they looked more supple, too. Moana says the oil is certified organic and includes hemp seed oil, evening primrose oil, kawakawa oil and kiwi seed oil to infuse your skin with vitamin C and E. I can agree with Moana that this oil left my skin soothed and nourished.

If you're not using an oil and have skin leaning toward the dry side, I can recommend this product completely. I'd also recommend using an oil if you don't have dry skin, but you might not need to use it every day like I did.