moana renewal day cream

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on September 5, 2014


by Jeanne

We all want the holy grail of tightening, rejuvenating, and smoothing our skin. Sometimes, we fall in love and get lucky and find it (though I wish I started in my 20s!). Other times, we realize realism rules. In other words, it wasn’t love at first sight with Moana (pronounced: Mo-ana). When I received the Moana Renewal Day Cream ($98 in the shop) to try, I liked a lot of its properties — its organic ingredients include New Zealand grown avocado and hemp seed oil, as well as kiwifruit and harakeke extract. But it wasn’t an instant love affair. It took time.

For one, I found the consistency a bit thin. I thought something this packed with “your skin’s superfoods” (as it bills itself), should be creamier and more exotic. I also craved a headier scent —sort of like a jasmine-juice cocktail. Instead, this felt (and looked!) very vanilla. But — long story short — it ended up growing on me. I liked that it’s not greasy and absorbed easily. Three weeks in, I started to feel like it was evening out some of the redness in my face and brightening my complexion.

I’m not sure I noticed any tightening per say, but my skin did feel softer. As we all know, skin care products can be a subjective business. I like what this company stands for — being eco-friendly and using what’s native to the region as way to combat aging. Plus, how can you not like a product whose indigenous New Zealand name stands for sea, ocean, and large lake?