moana tau men serum

Reviewed by Mark on September 29, 2014

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There is a staggering array of skin care products available from around the globe, and although I enjoy sampling most any product, it sometimes becomes just a bit more interesting when it comes from an exotic locale. Maybe they use a different approach to skin care or perhaps they include some alluring ingredient I’ve never tried. My door to skin care is open to the world.

Moana Tau is a certified organic skin care line from the other side of the globe — New Zealand, to be exact. Their cosmeceutical skin care products are based on red seaweed extract (known as Glycoplus®) combined with native New Zealand botanicals. Researching the internet for red seaweed to see what skin benefits it may have, I found that “it is rich in glycans, which are sugar/carbohydrate (complex saccharide) chains that fight against free radical damage, encourage collagen production and hydrate the skin.”

For reference, I'm in my 50s. I tried the Moana Tau Men Serum (NZ$125 or about $97 USD), and according to their website, its major benefits are to help prevent and fight the ageing process, increase skin’s firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The serum has a very faint scent that soon disappears, and it was easy to use, applying two drops after shaving to a still moist face and neck. This has a true serum consistency and the small amount recommended actually was enough to cover my entire face and neck. However, for testing purposes, I only applied the product to half my face and neck to help more accurately measure the results. I found it to be soothing to my just-shaved skin, and it did moisturize very lightly. I only applied the serum once each day in the morning after shaving, as the directions did not mention applying at night. Although I have quite oily skin, there were no problems with breakouts to any of the applied areas. But after four weeks of using the serum, I also wasn’t seeing any results. There was no visible difference in the skin firmness or the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, which were supposed to be major benefits from the serum. So, to be sure, I extended my use for two more weeks.

Although I tested my product past the usual month, unfortunately at the end of six weeks, this product just didn’t do much for me. I still couldn’t see any improvements regarding skin firmness or the appearance of fine lines to the treated side vs. the untreated, so for this reason I cannot recommend this product.