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Moana Tau Moisturiser for Men Review

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Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Face Care for Men, Oily Skin, Sensitive Skin, Uneven Skin
moana tau moisturiser for men
October 6, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A very long-lasting and effective facial moisturizer for men


Spreads very well and goes a long way


Has a chemical smell

by Erik

This is my first trial of a new product through Truth In Aging’s Dare to Try Program. I was chosen to review the Moana Tau Moisturiser for Men (NZ $99 or roughly $71 USD), and I had no expectations other than to see how the product performed. I’m 40 years old, and given my combination skin, I believed the product would serve some basic moisture function (I have a tendency toward dry skin in the summer from the many showers, workouts, pools, etc.). Moana Tau appears to be a new product from New Zealand and that made me curious. I am not aware of any men’s products from New Zealand.

I received the 60mL bottle in early April and have been using it five or six days a week immediately after a shower in the mornings. I only used the product once per day. To that end, I am using the same 60mL bottle now in late August. The bottle goes a long way when it is used as the product spreads very, very well. Only a tiny amount is needed to cover the face. Candidly, I am surprised it went this far.

I used the product in combination with two other TIA offerings, Your Best Face Correct ($99 in the shop) and Medik8 Dark Circles ($60 in the shop). These two other products were not used together, rather I switched off from YBF to Medik8 in late spring. When using Moana Tau, I was careful not to overlap the products. The Moana Tau was used across the face, ears and upper neck, while the YBF and Medik8 were only used under the eyes.

I understand that Moana Tau is a highly concentrated formula and that it works best when applied to slightly moist skin. One of the primary ingredients is red seaweed from New Zealand. This seaweed is comprised of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and is reputed to be helpful in bringing skin back to life particularly post shave or sun exposure. The product also contains many organic ingredients, which is a very positive attribute. Lastly, the product contains marine glycans, thus making it a bio-active product. This means that some users will experience some redness on the early applications. I did not experience this effect.

For the first 30 days, I did not enjoy the product that much. However, time has won me over. In particular, I did not like the chemical smell of the product. I found the smell at odds with the seaweed/ organic composition. Something in the formulation is off and creating the chemical smell effect.

I am most impressed with the fluidity of the product; a little dab of the white product spreads generously and covers more area than I expected. I also enjoy that the product lasts all day. A simple morning, post shower application will hold in moisture until well past 9pm. This performance includes days where I have been in the sun for four or five hours. The longevity was unexpected as other products have required a mid-day refresh for me.

Overtime, the chemical smell just faded or my perception of it diminished. I don’t find it as harsh as I did when I started using the product. One area of concern is the lack of an SPF rating. I do not believe this product has that feature, and it would certainly be welcome. Yes, I would purchase the product if I was not testing it, and I may do so when this bottle is empty.

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