Mukti Buttermilk and Oat Pink Clay Masque 3.52 oz

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on November 11, 2012

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by Grace

I was delighted when asked to try out the Mukti Buttermilk and Oat Pink Clay Masque ($50). I am very cautious as to what products I put on my skin, and the fact that Mukti prides itself on its natural organic ingredients has a huge impact on me. Mukti is an Australian company, and to my understanding for something to be considered organic in Australia is a big deal, as there are higher standards to meet there than we have here in the States. That being said I’d say... they “had me at hello!”

The Buttermilk and Oat Pink Clay Masque has done a great job at accomplishing what it says it will do; which is to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and smooth the skin. I have been suffering from breakouts for quite some time now. I never had breakouts as consistently as what I have had in the past year or so. Maybe it’s adult acne at age 28. I must say that this product just might be my cure. My breakouts have greatly diffused during this trial period. At the end of the four-week trial, my skin was more even toned and the acne scaring reduced. I loved how smooth and soft this product made my skin feel. It has a nice texture that easily glides on the skin and stiffens up within just a few minutes, as with any other typical mud mask. After the first use, my skin looked radiant. After the second use, I noticed those stubborn white heads were less visible.  I was able to use twice a week on my combination/dry skin without it drying out. This product truly does a great job at deep cleansing, and I will continue to use this product weekly.

Mukti Buttermilk & Oat Pink Clay Masque | Before | Truth In Aging
Mukti Buttermilk & Oat Pink Clay Masque | After | Truth In Aging

In my before and after pictures (above), you can see some of the difference in skin pigmentation.

If you are looking for a deep cleanser that is gentle enough to use weekly then this is a great product for you!