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Mukti Kakadu Plum and Honey Hydrating Masque Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Redness
mukti kakadu plum and honey hydrating masque
April 9, 2014 Reviewed by Cheryl C. 0 Comments
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A fragrant, soothing mask that improves hydration with each use


Calms and hydrates even dry, red, peeling skin



I am 49 years old with irritatingly dry and sensitive skin that also breaks out. I was happy to try out the Mukti Kakadu Plum and Honey Hydrating Masque ($49.50). I own various other facial masks, but none of them are particularly hydrating. I found that I used the Mukti masque much more often than the others, because I almost always need more moisture. My normal routine includes twice-a day cleansing followed by serums and at least two hard-hitting moisturizers. Still, since I also use a retinoid at night (I know I should stop, but it really reduces my breakouts), I often have dry patches; sometimes, I have red, peeling skin, as well. For both the routine dryness and the peeling, the Mukti masque did a really nice job of calming and hydrating my skin.

First things first: I used the Mukti masque over the course of nearly two months, at least once a week and rarely twice a week, which is the maximum recommended. The first thing I loved about it was the smell and the texture. It smells — surprise — like plums and honey, which is one reason why I loved using it. Next, the texture: unlike many masks, the Mukti masque is hardly noticeable once you apply it (which means I didn't scare my kids like I do with the green seaweed masks!). Once applied, it feels soothing; there's absolutely no burning, tightening or drying. It stays feeling moist and smooth for as long as you have it on (I usually kept it on for about 20 minutes). To remove, it slips off easily with warm water. There's no scrubbing or tugging, which is really important when you are trying to calm distressed skin. This is another reason why I like to use it more than other masks; there is no skin rebellion at all. It's as if you lathered on a creamy, sweet-smelling moisturizer that you easily rinsed off.

After it's rinsed, your skin doesn't look all red or tight as with other masks; it looks refreshed and slightly dewy but not oily in any way. All of this explains why I reached for this mask over others. I saw improved hydration each time I used this mask, and I will use it any time my skin rebels and begins drying and peeling again.

According to the people at Mukti ("naturally organic skin care"), the key ingredients of this mask are kakadu plum and honey; honey is a natural preservative and moisturizer which soothes and has amino acids that help the skin retain moisture; the kakadu plum (terminalia ferdinandiana) is promoted as having the highest vitamin C concentration of any known fruit (50 times the vitamin C of oranges). Vitamin C is an antioxidant essential to the production of collagen. The mask also contains vitamin E and lutein, a carotenoid also found in avocados, folic acid and iron. It also has aloe vera, which is renowned for its healing properties (I use aloe vera every day to help combat the harshness of the retinoid creme).

I recommend this to those of you who don't mind the occasional extra step required for using a mask, especially if you have dry or aging skin that needs an extra boost of moisture. The Mukti masque is just an overall pleasant product and is certainly worth the little extra time needed to use it.

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