mukti macadamia and honey lip balm

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on December 8, 2012


by Pat

I really liked theMukti Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm ($14.50). It is easy to apply, has a very nice honey flavor and seems to promote healing. Although I am used to using a cocoa butter stick, I found the Mukti balm to be even more soothing and healing (I even used some on a small cut on my hand, and the cut healed very quickly.)

The only drawbacks I can think of are the fact that it is not a stick (I like the convenience of a stick); and that it does tend to leave the lips slightly sticky. I find myself blotting my lips afterward; whereas my usual cocoa butter stick does not need blotting. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend the Mukti Macadamia & Honey Lip Balm to anyone who uses any kind of treatment for dry or chapped lips. If you use it regularly, it will likely even prevent chapped lips. An excellent product!