Mukti Organics Aloe Vera Moisturiser

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on May 4, 2015


by Kelly 

I was lucky enough to be chosen to test Mukti Organics Aloe Vera Moisturiser ($39.06) this past month and have some things to share. It is manufactured and processed from Australia, hence it is a "moisturiser" without the North American "z".

I consider myself a bit of an expert in oil-free moisture options as I am a 52-year-old post-menopausal female who can still breakout with the wrong combination of ingredients for my skin. To add to all this, I live in the Arizona desert and need the moisture. As a point of reference, my all-time favorite moisturizer is Arcona Magic White Ice ($40)

The Mutki Organics Aloe Vera Moisturiser comes in my preferred dark glass dispenser with a great pump. It has a gel-serum like texture that is easily applied. It absorbed immediately and my skin felt very soft. One pump of the moisturizer is enough to cover the whole face. The citrus smell is very lime but dissipates quickly. No issues with pilling when following it with either make up or sunscreen. After the initial softness after application, my skin would feel tight if I didn’t follow with my sunscreen or makeup.

After seven days of the twice per week application, my nose had two big blemishes. Thinking it might be a coincidence, I stopped for five days and got them cleared up before returning to the testing regimen. This time there were blemishes on my nose within three days. I had to stop using the product.

The ingredients list is amazing and could not look more innocent to my eyes. No idea what the culprit is but will have to resign myself to staying away from this product.