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Mukti Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist Toner Review

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Dull Hair, Sensitive Skin
Mukti Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist Toner
July 6, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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Natural, anti-aging toner suitable for sensitive skin


An anti-inflammatory that restores the mantle of the skin


No impact on hyperpigmentation

by Noel

Years ago I used toners to remove any residual makeup and cleanser in order to combat my then oily and blemish prone skin. Over the years and with the help of TIA, I now look at toners as an important step after cleansing that not only preps the skin for serums and moisturizers, but can also be a treatment in itself for my perimenopausal, dry, yet blemish-prone skin.

Some issues I’ve had with various toners are that they are either very drying or leave a residue that seems to impede absorption of other products. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to test the Mukti Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist Toner ($37.38) - I had previously used their hydrating masque. Yet feared that it would be just another toner that would leave a “hydrating” film on my skin.

This toner leaves no residue! I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is hydrating, but it certainly does not dry out my skin. It leaves my skin feeling clean and helps my serum and moisturizer just soak right in. I apply it after using my current favorite cleanser, Sevani Ageless Radiance Refining A.H.A Cleanser—LOVE! I have tried simply spritzing this directly on my face, but I prefer to spritz it onto a pure cotton gauze square and gently wipe over my skin. I use the word spritz because the droplets are certainly larger than what I would consider a mist and the sprayer results in uneven application. (Because of this, I cannot not use it to set mineral makeup unless I transfer some of it to a bottle with a fine sprayer.)

This product is dispensed in a heavy, dark, glass bottle to prevent degradation of the ingredients. The primary actives include extracts of kakadu plum (containing a high concentration of vitamin C), kangaroo paw flower, and snowflower, in addition to aloe and several essential oils. Mukti is a company that creates cruelty-free products using certified organic ingredients—it’s great to know that I’m not putting nasty stuff on my skin. The initial rose scent is quickly replaced by another scent I can’t quite identify; although it is an unusual scent, it is not unpleasant and dissipates within about five minutes. The scent is very similar to Mukti’s hydrating masque which also contains kakadu plum extract, so I wonder if that is the more predominate scent? The first several times I used this product, I noticed an overall flush to my skin which faded within five minutes or so. I was worried about a rosacea flare-up, but my skin is actually calmer since I have been using this toner and I no longer experience the flushing that occurred initially. I have also noticed fewer blemishes.

Based on my experience with this product, I would have to agree with the company’s claims that it acts as an anti-inflammatory and improves penetration of other products, but I have not experienced any pore tightening. I like that this toner restores the acid mantle of the skin after cleansing and has strong antioxidant properties. As far as reducing hyperpigmentation and sunspots, I have been spritzing this onto the back of one hand to see if it will eventually shrink a small sunspot—so far, I haven’t noticed a change.

I am very pleased with my skin’s response to this product and would not hesitate to make a future purchase, especially since it is such a nice complement to my cleanser and doesn’t fight the absorption of other products.

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