Mukti Rosehip Eye Gel

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on June 22, 2015

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by Laura

I was recently asked by the TIA team to review Mukti Rosehip Eye Gel ($42.69). I have been using it daily since I received it a couple of months ago. A little background on me: I am 40 years old with combination, sensitive skin, as well as some skin damage and light wrinkles. I struggle with eye puffiness (probably due to terrible allergies) and crepiness, and still haven’t found an eye cream that works well for me. I also am a lover of natural, organic products that don’t have deleterious side effects, and strive to give myself and my kids the healthiest options.

Now, about the eye gel—first of all, Mukti’s packaging is beautiful! The product comes in a thick, dark glass bottle with an airless pump. It has a pleasant, sweet smell, and is less like a “gel” and more like a light cream. I love that this product absorbs like a dream—so many eye creams I have tried seem to just sit under my eyes, weighing them down. Not Mukti! It goes on smoothly and is amazing under makeup.

After about 8 weeks, I think that it’s having some impact on my eyes—my eyes appear more hydrated, less tired, and my dark circles have diminished. I don’t think that there has been a dramatic effect on my eye wrinkles and crepiness, so it’s not a magic wand eye cream. I do like that the ingredient list is a fascinating and lovely combination of organic essential oils and native Australian extracts, including Flame Tree, Emu Apple, and Davidson Plum.

Also, with the antioxidant power of this eye cream, I think it would be great for those who spend a lot of time in the sun and are looking for some protection against sun damage. I would recommend for anyone looking for a product to calm skin, hydrate, help with dark circles and provide protection from environmental stressors. I find myself wanting to dab this on other areas of my face, because it feels so soothing. I can’t wait to try out more of Mukti’s products. Natural, organic, and Non-GMO? Yes, please! Thanks, TIA!!