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Mukti Vitamin Earth Mineral Masque Review

is a Solution for:
Combination Skin, Crow's Feet, Dull Skin, Large Pores, Oily Skin, Uneven Skin
mukti vitamin earth mineral masque
May 30, 2014 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A high quality, organic face mask that balances and hydrates skin


Normalizes slightly oily skin


Is not easily rinsed off

by Pam

I am 53 years old and have combination skin, but just barely. I never feel dry, even in this most recent cold winter, but I usually have a slight sheen on my nose when I awake. I have large pores and some slight acne scarring from decades of oily skin. When I first began testing Mukti Vitamin Earth Mineral Masque ($49.50), this would have been how I described my skin. After four weeks of faithful, twice-a-week use, I'm surprised to say that I have normal skin!

This mask is so chock full of wonderful ingredients that you will have to read the list. I'm always pleased when a product starts off with aloe vera instead of water, and this is followed by white and pink clay, honey, vitamins, spirulina, kelp and several essential oils.

Kelp, a type of seaweed high in silicon, is believed to help keep skin from wrinkling and sagging. Spirulina, a blue-green microalgae, is considered a superfood and contains high concentrations of vitamin B12 and beta carotene. From the Mukti website concerning essential oils: "They are readily absorbed via the skin into the bloodstream whilst having a balancing and regulating effect on sebum production." Hmmm, I'm really wondering if the combination of all these ingredients normalized my slightly oily skin.

The application is very easy, as a teeny tiny dipping spoon is provided, and then you just smooth the pudding-like mask all over your face and neck. After the initial application I left it off my neck because the removal is not so easy. It doesn't dry but remains tacky as long as it stays on. Sometimes I left it on for an hour. The fragrance is fruity and quite different but very enjoyable.

The instructions say to remove it with a warm flannel. OK. I splashed warm water (a lot) and then used a washcloth, but unfortunately, as this mask is brown, it stained the washcloth. It would be much more efficient to shower it away, but that is not so convenient, either.

My skin felt smooth and hydrated, but there was no difference in pore size. The instructions say it may tingle upon application and it's not for sensitive skin. I didn't notice any tingling — just a slight warmth, though only briefly. I think consistent use of this mask, with its high quality, organic certified ingredients, could only be beneficial in the long run. Much like changing your diet to incorporate raw fruits and vegetables, you have to understand that there are unseen benefits that you will eventually recognize over time as health. I think I would categorize this mask the same way. I look forward to continuing to use the Mukti Vitamin Earth Mineral Masque and discovering what its cumulative effects may be.

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