The last time I wrote about my skincare regimen, I was going through a bit of a crisis with breakouts and rosacea and all my efforts were focused cease and desist. Those days seem long gone (although Your Best Face’s soothing skin glower, Restore ($120) remains a faithful companion) and my skin isn’t allowing hormones to play their usual havoc.  Right now, my skin is in a very good place.

My esthetician Ildi Pekar speculates that my good skin days might be due to the fact my diet has changed. For those of you who check out Truth In Slimming, you’ll know that the equivalent to Marta & Friends is The Diet Diaries. I have lost weight by cutting out a lot of fat from my diet (especially cheese, which I adore), while experimenting with high antioxidant foods (see the O2 Diet). She even thinks that cutting down on cheese might be helping my rosacea. This is something I’ll need to do some research on. Actually, Ildi deserves some credit for my skin’s condition, but I’ll come back to that in a moment.

I personally believe that E’shee Clinical Esthetic Cellular Repair Serum ($179 in the TIA shop) is responsible for controlling residual rosacea and fading redness due to those teeny broken veins. The active for this is horse chestnut. The difference in about six weeks is significant. I also think it is doing a really good job on crow’s feet and the lines around my mouth. This stuff with its human growth factor is expensive ($179), but it may be worth it.

The other new love of my skin life is KaplanMD’s Perfecting Serum ($185). It seems to be highly compatible with my skin in keeping me look hydrated and healthy with a more youthful texture and glow. I also credit it with maintaining the balance that is keeping breakouts at bay. Whereas, I am targeting the E’shee on specific areas, I use the KaplanMD serum all over my face.

The nutritionist that helped with my diet and weight loss program remarked that I have not, as many people do, become wrinkled and saggy-cheeked as a result of losing weight. Nonetheless, my face is a little thinner and my jaw line has much better definition from having shed a few pounds. I credit all of this to Ildi’s microcurrent and LED treatments, which I back up at home with the odd session with the Baby Quasar ($402 in the TIA shop) and YBF’s Concentrate ($45 in the TIA shop).

My cleansers of preference these days seem to be Epicuren Discovery Milk, and the cleansing milk  and exfoliator  by Nurture my Body.

My morning routine (night time I am testing something new, which I hope to write about in the future) also includes CODE:ai’s serum ($118) and Brow Shaper ($75) on my eyebrows. Eye creams are currently testers – but you know I always gravitate back to YBF’s Correct or Optyma. Once a week, I like to freshen things up (I don’t seem to need regular glycolics such as IMAGE anymore) with Chella’s resurfacing mask ($60). Finally, I really like ColorScience's brush on sunscreen for an invisible protective barrier that never gives my sensitive skin any problems.