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2016 Reflections: My Favorite Moments & Product Finds

2016 Hourglass
December 29, 2016 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments

While the past year at Truth In Aging was a lot less eventful than the political year — which in context seems to be a very good thing — it was not without some highlights on the anti-aging front with a few new forward-thinking finds, breakthroughs and transformations. Plus, there were some brand successes that I’m very proud to have shared with you, the Truth In Aging community. Keep scrolling for my favorite moments as I reflect on the year past and look forward to the new one to come. May it be our youngest-looking year yet!


It seems to me that the essence of Truth In Aging is discovery. Finding new and ever more effective products and ingredients is a pursuit that I decided to double down on this year — and with some fantastic finds as a result. I also decided that I would share the chase with the Truth In Aging community by launching the “discovery” series of articles. The idea was to go through the products that I rejected, as well as those that I selected for testing, and why.

Not only did I share my research process, but I invited the community to suggest their own finds. The series became a good excuse to focus energy on product categories where we needed enhance our selection with something new and cutting-edge. A case in point would be Discovered: Ground Breaking Growth Factors. Out of that discovery process came the Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care collection of growth factor products, including Daily Defense Complex (our 2016 Product of the Year!) and a must-have neck cream.

2016 was also the year that I changed my mind, which my husband will tell you is a rare and wondrous thing. But it happened — I became a convert to many previously shrugged-off ingredients, including the peptides that inhibit expression lines (having once upon a time dismissed them as ineffectual) and to the exfoliating powers of retinol and hydroxy acids. I have to say in my own stubborn defense that my change of heart is largely a result of these ingredients evolving. There are newer and complimentary forms of neuropeptides that do bring results. A fresh find in this department was ClarityRX Get Fit Serum ($105.75 in the shop), which I was even moved to pronounce a game changer.

Meanwhile, retinol was reinvented with new delivery systems that render it gentler yet still effective. Personally, I’m in love with Ao Skincare Rewind ($119.95 in the shop) that also includes one of my favorite antioxidants, astaxanthin. Ao Skincare from a New Zealand doctor is great brand that we found this year, and we are continuing to review their products. As mentioned, I also become moved to exfoliate — the right way with hydroxy acids. I still approach these (and retinol) with some caution, but I have found Dr. Dennis Gross daily peels to be transformative (and that’s not using them more than three times a week!).


This was a year of makeovers as well. Some old friends from Your Best Face were reformulated in 2016. At the top of my list is Defend ($130 in the shop), which has evolved in to a very clever and advanced day cream. It is so full of phyto-preventative ingredients it could put your sunscreen out of business (but, sshh, don’t tell the FDA). Your Best Face Define was also updated to be less irritating and more effective as a direct result of feedback from the Truth In Aging community.

Speaking of makeovers, I launched a new and improved Truth Vitality Advanced Complex ($59-$79 in the shop) formula after discovering a complex called Capixyl with red clover extract and a peptide for strengthening hair follicles. Along with the copper peptides of the original formula, these ingredients have a powerful impact on hair. We are currently conducting a trial with 29 members of the community and the results halfway through are wonderful: 61 percent have seen new hair growth after only six weeks. The final results will be out in early 2017.


Finally, I was heartened to see that 2016 was the year of indie beauty brands. At Truth In Aging, we have been discovering and feting them years now and it is wonderful that these creative, often risking-taking pioneers of cosmetics are now getting the wider recognition they deserve. This year I took part in the Indie Beauty Expo here in New York City for the first time. I enjoyed bragging about our unique online community in addition to explaining how the Truth Vitality products work. We were also given the opportunity to mingle with some old friends, such as LiftLab, as well as to meet some great new indie brands like Volante Skincare, which we are happy to introduce to the shop after rave reviews from community members.

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