My hair is not my own. By which I don’t mean that it’s a wig. It belongs to my hairdresser, the lovely Greg Ruggeri, who decided unilaterally that my hair should grow past my shoulders. I went along out of curiosity more than anything else (and the fact that my husband seemed to approve), but not without a little trepidation: would my 52 year old hair fall woefully short of my fantasy of cascading locks? Well, leaving aside some bad hair (I call them Janis Joplin) days, I am pleasantly surprised. Thanks to Greg and a battery of good products, I feel that my hair has never looked better.

My main achievement has been to reduce hair shedding. I have a much thicker head of hair than I had two years ago, or even one year ago (certainly more than five years ago when peri-menopausal shedding set in and my hairline began visibly to thin). Most of the past year I have been experimenting with prototypes of Hair Vitality Complex until satisfied enough to launch this copper peptide complex (the first Truth In Aging product) last month. I rub it into my scalp after showering paying particular attention to my hairline. The result has been much less hair in the shower drain and my widow’s peak has filled out with nice grown-up hair (not baby wisps).

I’m still looking for the Holy Grail of shampoos and conditioners, but until that joyous day I have developed an alternating system that works pretty well. Yarok’s Feed Your Volume Shampoo and Conditioner have numerous beneficial effects, but the best is that they really bring out the dazzle in my blonde, chemically highlighted mane. I haven’t known vibrant color like this for years (except on the first few days after leaving Greg’s salon). They also do live up to the promise of volume and I love the mostly botanical ingredients include hair loving herbals such as coltsfoot, chickweed, horsetail, slippery elm and marshmallow. Those of us who think shampoos should produce suds will also be satisfied.

Every third shampoo, I switch out with Nutra-Lift’s shampoo and Shielo’s Vibrancy conditioner. I do this for a couple of reasons. Nutra-Lift ($22 for 8oz) and especially Shielo ($18) are a little cheaper than Yarok ($27 for 8.5oz ) and so they help me eke out my resources. Secondly, Nutra-Lift’s shampoo really does seem to assist in less shedding and so I want to keep having its input. On the other hand, Nutra-Lift has several drawbacks that deter me from using it daily. It doesn’t produce much of a lather and is a little hard to work through the hair without using a lot of it (which makes it something of a false economy). People with tangle prone hair tend not to like it much and, even in my case, following with conditioner is essential. Constant use seems to make my hair look a little dull. So my alternating Yarok/Nutra-Lift regimen is a pragmatic and effective response to still not having found the perfect hair growth encouraging, shine and bounce giving ‘poo and conditioner.

There are a few other things in my hair arsenal that I am very pleased with. I never thought the day would come when I would get excited about a hair brush (I was strictly a brush-and-go girl who barely bothered with the brush part), but I have two that demonstrate the benefits of getting tooled up. The first is a soft brush that I found a couple of years ago but now use in earnest, the Sportnette Deville Bristle Boar Brush ($17.99) and for styling I use my latest find, the magical volume-inducing, sleek waves producing Solano Plasmium brush ($32), which is worth every cent as far as I am concerned. With this round brush and my Sedu Revolution blow dryer I am able to do something approaching manageable styling in a few minutes (and I am someone who used to equate styling my hair as an activity that should be preceded by Prozac). Finally, a dab of Oribe Crème For Style ($27) to keep fly-aways in check.

I have never been much interested in my hair, let alone vain about it. But I found the onset of age-related thinning pretty distressing, my locks began to occupy my thoughts. Now I have found that there are solutions and that it is possible to have a mighty mane.  So hairs looking at you kid!