My Prime Dynamic Lifting Serum

Our Rating: 2 stars

Reviewed by Gunilla on January 18, 2014


The story of My is very interesting, not to mention laudable – the founder, Tessa Yutadco, started the company in order to ensure she had access to a skin care line, which combined effective natural botanicals with the latest advances in skin care science. During the quest for effective botanicals she ended up back in her birthplace the Philippines, where she not only found effective ingredients but also a way of creating economical and social opportunities for the local women and men who cultivate and extract the Pili oils, the cornerstone of My Prime Anti-Aging Formulas.

Go to My’s web page, and read her and her company’s story in full.

Now, let’s turn over to the “star of the show”. According to the product description the benefits of My Prime Dynamic Lifting Serum ($75 in the shop) are three-fold:

  • Provides immediate and long-term firming benefits
  • Delivers a contoured, lifted and toned appearance
  • Softens and smoothes skin texture

This is achieved through two main ingredient complexes:

  • PEPHA-TIGHT “is a potent microalgae complex that provides instant and long-term firming benefits for a contoured, lifted and toned appearance.”
  • Mangosteen + Rosemary Extracts “are active botanicals that noticeably improve skin texture for a radiantly smooth finish.”

Other ingredients are Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate), hydrolyzed collagen, Provitamin B5 (panthenol) and aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

An independent, eight-week clinical study show very good results for both skin firmness and tautness in eye and jowl area, as well as perceived firming and tightening of skin and elasticity improvement (ranging from 66 to 79% positive). So yes, there seem to be research findings to back up the product statements.

You may wonder “What is my personal opinion of this serum, after four weeks of testing?”, and rightly so… Here goes!

I’ve been using this serum morning and evening after cleansing. I’ve applied two pumps and it glides on very smoothly with no “residue”, although it feels a bit sticky at first. Since it’s a serum only, and containing some astringent ingredients to boot, I definitely needed to apply a moisturizer afterwards. I would estimate that well over half the bottle remains after this time, so it’s fairly lasting.  It is non-perfumed (no scent whatsoever, actually) which I very much prefer.

What did the serum come up against? I’m just shy of sixty and even though I’ve taken fairly good care of my skin, there’s no denying that “the first signs of aging” were a few decades ago… My jowls are a bit gravitationally challenged and both eyes and mouth are surrounded by lines.

Does it keep its promises? Well, for me it didn’t. Since My Prime doesn’t mention any “tiny lines & wrinkles” or “first signs of aging” I felt it fair to expect (or at least hope) that I would see and feel some tightening and/or firmness after four weeks of use. But, no.

From what I’ve read on the manufacturer’s website, as well as Googling the ingredients, I’ve formed the opinion that this serum targets — and would have a good chance of helping, I may add — thirty-something skin, or whenever the first crow’s-feet and light wrinkles start to show up.

I would love if serious manufacturers of anti-aging products would show the courage to indicate the targeted age-bracket or “skin condition” for their products. In this way they would show both trust in their own products, as well as respect for us, their customers.