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My regimen now includes beauty sleep

February 22, 2012 Reviewed by Marta 3 Comments
A radical shift has occurred in my skincare routine. Breaking the habits of a lifetime ( quite literally a whole lifetime) , I have begun using a night cream and I have a feeling that I won’t be turning back.  The night cream in question is Skin Nutrition’s Night Moisturizer, which I added to the TIA shop as soon as I read Cindy’s review and saw her impressive before and after pictures. Its fantastic. More on that in a moment, first why have I become a convert to night creams.

Actually I should probably start with why I haven’t used one in the past. The main reason is that night creams are typically rich and heavy and I found them too unctuous for my slightly oily skin. Secondly, I start my day by putting a lot of stuff on my face and the notion of going to bed with a clean, bare face is appealing. Thirdly, although there is evidence that skin cells follow a circadian rhythm, I’ve never really been convinced that skin needs special treatment at night. But recently I’ve noticed some changes to my skin that I didn’t like and began to rethink.

I have a close friend (mid-50s) who is prone to making eccentric analogies and she mentioned not long ago that she wakes up looking like a pond frog and that it takes longer and longer for her features to rearrange themselves. Unfortunately, this began to resonate. I’d wake up in the morning looking depleted, saggy, crenulated with pillow creases and dressed in drab. My morning routine was doing its best to compensate, but not quite hacking it and the last thing I want to do is make it more complicated. So I began to think less about frogs and more about the example of my cats who seem to have nailed beauty sleep. It was time for a night cream and I plumped for Skin Nutrition’s Night Moisturizer ($75 in the TIA shop).

Rich in shea butter, olive avocado and rosehip oils, this rich night cream is powerhouse of plant extracts. There are no fancy peptides, growth factors or synthetic free radical fighters – just plant power. Amongst the botanical antioxidants are Skin Nutrition’s signature cactus pear, a great source of ascorbic acid and quercetin.This makes Skin Nutrition Night Moisturizer a great compliment to my daytime routine (which I’ll elaborate on in a moment).  There are also a couple of amino acids - arginine and carnosine.  Two weeks into this, my wake up face is looking much plumper and healthier. I am a night cream convert.

As to the rest of my routine, well my days tend to start with La Vie Celeste’s cleanser, which remains a favorite for the way that it cleanses and gently exfoliates without stripping the skin.  For reasons that I can’t really explain, a dab of Prana AU 24K Gold ($96 in the TIA shop) with its real gold flake on my cheeks keeps redness and rosacea at bay.  Having written up a test on Cygenx Lumminessce, I found myself heading back to BioEffect, especially for crow’s feet and cheeks. However, it doesn’t do much for lip lines and so I am hitting Hydropeptide’s powerful Hydrostem 6+ , which also does a great job on forehead lines.

For neck, I recently finished SenZen’s Infinity and started using Avitalin Radiance ($100 in the TIA shop), which focuses on the outer layer of skin with ingredients such as phospholipids and epidermal growth factors. It is doing an admirable job of taking down redness and rough sun damaged skin, in combination with regular glycolic treatments. My fallback for the latter is La Vie Celeste’s glycolic mask (I have just started testing a new one by Lather and will report back on that in a few weeks).

A new staple for me is Sevani Rapid Renewal ($65 in the TIA shop), excellent for closing pores and I find myself recommending it all the time for people with combination skin and T-zone issues. It may be a skin lightener as I have noticed the freckles on my nose seem to be getting a bit fainter.

Finally, in a month of conversions, I have been won over to oil by Rodin’s Olio Lusso, which I like to use over Sevani’s Rose Hyaluronic Toner and YBF’s Private Reserve. The YBF is a great product to use with LED light therapy as it gives a little slip and, most importantly, two potent antioxidants.


  • February 22, 2012

    by Michele Watson

    I am also very impressed with Skin Nutrition Night cream. I will also be reordering the Skin Nutrition CPR as well as the sample I tried was fantastic!

  • February 22, 2012

    by Marta

    I think you are totally right Susan. And I really think that I am seeing the start of that menopausal lack of moisture - and that's something I want to head off.

  • February 22, 2012

    by Susan

    The primary reason I have not ceased to used a cream or oil at night before bed is due to the amount of water we lose during the sleeping hours. Creams and oils are helpful to prevent moisture from escaping, particularly as we age and produce less of our own oil.

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