I know that I have one of the best jobs in the world that allows me to test anti-aging products for free. But sometimes you can have too much of a good thing and a wrinkle warrior can become battle weary. I have been testing a lot of products this year and recently reached the point when it was time for a reset. So I’ve ditched a few things, set some aside and regrouped with what works best for me. This is my current regimen:

There is no doubt that ReLuma’s Illuminating Anti-aging Serum ($135 in the TIA shop) has become an absolute essential. My skin loves it, no breakouts or rosacea crises. My skin looks nourished and wrinkles are diminishing. I have a couple of weeks’ or so left in my (30ml) bottle and I will definitely be replacing it when it is finished. Some days, it is sufficient unto itself, but when I feel in need of additional moisturizing, I reach for Your Best Face Restore ($120). I recently bought a new bottle of this as I felt in need of its calming effects. I find it very good for toning down redness while brightening the complexion (the key ingredients are vitamin C and alpha arbutin).

The thing that I am most pleased about right now is the progress I have made on lines around the mouth area. I do think that the Pelleve treatments I had in December and January made a big impact, but I have been also been extremely vigilant to keep up what seems to be a winning formula: Reluma’s serum, topped with Your Best Face Define ($70 in the TIA shop). Define is designed for lip lines and mercifully, since it is used around the mouth, contains no nasties. Along with using LED light (the Sirius Aurora has pretty much taken over from the Baby Quasar), I am seeing excellent results with the lines around my lips looking fainter than they have for the past year or more.

I haven’t yet found as good a solution for my neck and I have decided that glycolic exfoliation is the only way to treat the roughish, sun-damaged skin there. I am alternating between Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Peel and Lumixyl’s GlycoPeel. The Juice Beauty is more of a mask and the Lumixyl more of a lotion and both do a good job with only minimal tingling (I stick with the gentler La Vie Celeste Glycolic Mask for my face).

After testing a range of different eye creams, my eye area skin has started to look dry. There’s only one thing for it when that happens - I’ve gone back to Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the TIA shop). But I guess that’s old news.

I also took advantage of the special we had a couple of weeks ago on the Osmotics body lotion and my dry, winter skin is happily reacquainted with it.