Pellevé treatment part 2

I have just had the second of my  two-part Pellevé treatment. The first was about a month ago and that very evening I was stunned when my husband remarked that my face looked a lot fuller and asked what I’d been doing. Those results were short-lived (a couple of days) and predictably so as results are not supposed to show up for a couple of months when new collagen is formed.

Pellevé Wrinkle Reduction System is a non-invasive treatment that uses high frequency radiowave technology. (You can read more about it and my first session). It is perfectly comfortable, although the skin does get very hot (hence that initial plumping effect). Carissa McCormack at Dr Z. Paul Lorenc, who performed my treatments, likes to get the temperatures to 41°C to achieve the “denaturation” of the collagen.

She generally finds that this is easier to achieve at the second session, when clients seem to bear slightly more heat – probably as a result of just knowing what’s happening (although I dared to hope that my skin is already a little thicker).

As I already mentioned, I’ll have to wait at least another month before I am likely to see results. So I’ll be back with my verdict on Pellevé around the end of February.

NB: Both my treatments were courtesy of the generous and very competent Carissa McCormack.

Read on for the final verdict.