I have had a summer of surprises. Potions that I had high hopes for have turned out to be disappointing. Lotions that I had low expectations for have turned out to be winners and there are yet others that are doing stellar service, but not in the roles for which they were intended.

The one that I need to get out of the way first is YNS Medspa Intensive Peptide Complex. I started using this five weeks ago and as I wrote at the time, YNS pretty much had me at hello with power peptides making up the first four ingredients (after HO2).  With a modest price point at $65, many of you commented that it could be too good to be true. It was. And I am so disappointed as I really wanted to love YNS.  I tested it on my neck, forehead and right cheek and it did nothing for me. After five weeks, my neck started to look worse than it did at the end of June.

At the end of last week, I gave up and reached for Osmosis Replenish ($43) and topped it up with a brand new find, a moisturizer by Even Healy, which I heard about thanks to Lindsay.  In a mere three days, the skin on my neck is looking smoother.  I’ll do a full review on the Evan Healy in a few weeks. In the meantime, YNS is being tested by Kelly and I will be interested to learn if she has better results with it.

I have also been experimenting with Intelligent Nutrients Antiaging Serum ($60), a simple blend of botanical oils including nigella, cranberry, grape, raspberry and pumpkin – all good antioxidants – in a base of safflower and argan oil. I find it too oily for face and, although not a bad hand lotion, I have found that it has really come into its own on my legs and arms. It is the perfect hot-weather moisturizer – when I just don’t want to put on a heavy body lotion - as a little goes a really long way and it gives the skin a really nice, subtle sheen.  In fact, I like what it does to my legs so much that I’ll probably give this a permanent place in my repertoire.

To start with, I had mixed feelings about Tammy Fender’s Intensive Repair Balm. Opening up the jar, my first thought was that its homemade look didn’t quite match up to the $130 price tag. The texture of this cream reminds me of an undercooked flan and it separates out a bit. However, Intensive Repair Balm really does help fade scars and, if like me you abuse your hands with cooking, gardening and other chores, you will find that it is a great hand cream. My nails – which I treat like a Swiss army knife – absolutely love it.