I keep seeing mists everywhere and largely dismissed them as yet another product that we don't really need. Then the other day I was subjected to a long car journey with the air conditioning on and within an hour my face was prickly and dry; rosacea lurked with intent. If only I had a soothing spritz of something. It got me thinking that dry offices that have never known fresh air, hotel rooms and airplanes are terrible for the skin. But could a mist really help?

Mychelle's Fruit Enzyme Mist came to me this morning as a result of one of those Amazon if-you-bought-this-you-might-like-that recommendations. I am clearly fated to give it a try. I'll report back on whether it does the trick (I have a lot of traveling coming up over the next few weeks). In the meantime, it does have a couple of interesting ingredients.

The first is heavy water, which is used to cool down nuclear reactors. It contains a high proportion of deuterium. Because it doesn't evaporate, it helps the skin retain moisture. Heavy water is a good thing to use after a laser treatment or peel.

The other thing of interest is a spin trapper. This is something that is used in the study of free radicals and the most commonly used spin trap is Phenyl N-tert-butylnitrone (PNB). The Mychelle mist contains PNB. Apart from radical trapping, PNB protects against photodamage.

Being a Mychelle product, this mist contains no parabens or other unwanted preservatives. It has witch hazel, fruit enzymes, pineapple, date palm and turmeric.