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Make your Own: Natural face lift

Is a Solution for:
Sagging Skin
May 2, 2009 Reviewed by admin 0 Comments
Besides being the nourishment of choice for athletes, eggs are a great beauty food due to their rich mix of protein and fat soluble vitamins. Egg yolk, also known as Vitellus, is comprised of 50% water, 35% lipids, and 15% protein. It is known that when phospholipids in egg yolk are applied to the skin, they increase moisture levels and overall skin health. No natural face lift would be complete without the incredible, edible egg.

This homemade recipe can be created within five minutes. Twenty-five minutes later, skin will look more toned, pores reduced, and fine lines smoothed. Although the smell and slime might be a bit off-putting at first, they fade as the mixture dries on your face. The end result is a temporary tightening sensation and smoother-looking skin. It may not work long-term miracles, but this treatment is a fun quick fix that you can customize with your own natural inclusions from vendors like SkinActives or Vitacost. Get in the kitchen and start eggsperminenting!

  1. The base ingredients are sugar and egg yolk. We added hibiscus extract and Neroli toning serum for extra lift action.Naturally rich in essential proteins, raw eggs are excellent for improving the appearance of tired skin.

  2. Separate the yolk from two eggs to isolate its high protein and amino acid content.

  3. Measure out one teaspoon of sugar. (We used palm sugar)

  4. Gradually add the sugar and whisk it in with the yolk.

  5. After whisking the mixture for a full minute, the yolk mass should appear firm and consistent.

  6. Add 3-4 drops of hibiscus extract to the mixture. Hibiscus extract has antioxidant properties and inhibits elastin degradation.

  7. A few drops of Neroli toning serum (which has an astringent base of light Apricot Kernel and Hazelnut oils) can be added as well.

  8. Whisk all of the ingredients in the final mixture together. The consistency will be slightly runny and slimy.

  9. Apply mixture on the face with two clean hands.

  10. Cover the entire surface area of the face. (But beware of dripping!)

  11. After leaving it on for 25 minutes, remove the face lift mixture with a warm wash cloth. And there you have an all-natural, low-cost face lift!

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