Dear Marta,

I'm 63, look younger, but I'm pretty scrupulous about what I put on my skin in terms of 'natural' ingredients . I would love some recommendations:

1) serum - both for overall face and my perenially dry, crinkly and undefined lips
2) large pores on nose
3) best eye cream (I'm slightly puffy and wrinkly)
4) best and safest thing for nasolabial folds

Dear A,

The issue with 100% natural formulations is that they often don’t contain the heavy hitting actives (think peptides) and, as a result, while great for 30-somethings, they aren't up to the task for older skins. However, since you are looking good for your age and don't mention wrinkle repair specifically, I have some suggestions (I'll also add in a couple that are less than totally natural, but definitely not too compromised.

The challenge with your serum request is that you want it to be squeaky clean enough to use on your lips. You wouldn’t want to be imbibing anything potentially toxic. This rules out serums with certain preservatives. So, I would go for Bioeffect. It's really good for wrinkles and overall skin texture. Bioeffect has only nine ingredients with the active being a barley stem cell and nothing nasty (so OK for directly on the lips). I am really happy with the results. Although expensive ($110 to $210 in the TIA shop), a little goes a long way and the larger size lasts about four months.

La Vie Celeste's new Extra Rich cream could hit a few of your items. Although this is cream, not a serum as such, it has a host of good things, but especially an ingredient called ChroNoline. This is supposed to help the underlying skin scaffolding, so it may be helpful for your labial nasal lines, as well as skin conditioning overall. It does have phenoxyethanol though (presumably it is a miniscule amount, but the FDA warns against it being ingested and so you might not want to put it directly on your lips).

Specifically for the lips, you could look at Your Best Face Define. Popular with many members of the TIA community, this was formulated as anti-ager that would be safe for the lip area. It helps the lips look smoother, plumper and a little darker.

The best eye cream for crepiness and puffiness, at least in my experience, is Your Best Face Correct - it does have parabens though. For super natural there is the Sevani eye cream. We've just had it tested and will very soon be publishing a rave review - but by a woman in her mid-30s. My fear is that it isn't heavy hitting enough. But it is good and has absolutely nothing nasty (even the preservative is radish root!).

I would add in the Sirius LED light - it really does help skin look plumper and just about the only thing for labial nasal lines that has an impact (providing you use it 2-3 times a week for about 10 mins).

Finally, large pores and dark spots will be helped by La Vie Celeste's glycolic mask. (actually there's an offer on this right now so you get to try the LVC Extra Rich as well). Although don't expect miracles with it for dark spots. The best thing I can suygest is Lumixyl, but it has more chemicals than may be acceptable to you.