nature’s beauty bee kiwi royal jelly face gel

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on March 15, 2014


by Kathy

I have been testing Nature’s Beauty Bee Kiwi Royal Jelly Face Gel ($20) for the past four weeks. I am in my 60s with combination/normal aging skin. I was expecting this product to be moisturizing, but I must say that I have been somewhat disappointed as it seemed to be more drying than other moisturizers I have used. Being a gel, I think it is more “astringent”. It seemed to sting a little after applying, which made my skin feel even more dry. I used it morning and night for most of a month, but stopped towards the end as I didn’t want to keep drying out my face, which is easy to do during the winter. 

My overall opinion of this product is that it would be good for younger, oilier skin, but not for anyone who is concerned about aging or dry skin. I think that putting this in the refrigerator during the summer months before applying it would be very refreshing and cooling. I cannot recommend this for mature skin because of the drying factor. I have tried other bee venom products with good results though, so I think that “bee” products overall are good.