Allergan, the maker of Botox, has announced that it will file a new drug application with the FDA for a new eyelash growth product. The active ingredient is the glaucoma drug called bimatoprost that caused all the fuss late last year for Jan Marini and ended up with her withdrawing her product from the market.

Allergan says it has finished clinical trials that demonstrate that bimatropost works (having used the original Marini product, I can testify that it does) and that it is safe. On the safety point, we'll need to see Allergan's data because there is evidence that glaucoma drugs can cause burning/irritation and change the color of your eyes.

Eyelash growth products are one of the most popular subjects on Truth In Aging so perhaps it isn't surprising that Allergan expects sales of its new product of $500m a year.

Today is also the day that Jan Marini's new eyelash growth product went on sale. It doesn't have any glaucoma drugs or analogues, but as to what exactly the active ingredient is I can't tell you. I have made several requests to Marini HQ with no response.