Jan Marini, whose Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner was "seized" and recalled by the FDA earlier this year, has come up with a brand new eyelash enhancement product. It is called Marini Lash and this time it does not contain prostaglandin, the controversial glaucoma drug with possible side effects that was in the last version of Age Intervention and rival products such as Revitalash.

I don't know what is in Marini Lash. There is no information about it on her website, which still touts Age Intervention. A call to the 800 number for Jan Marini's offices led me to someone called Michele who informed me that Marini Lash will be available in June. Since June is a mere three days away, I'm surprised that she made no attempt to take my order.

Anyway, I'll certainly be getting hold of Marini Lash and trying it out as soon as I can. Whether it will live up to the marketing department's promises of giving me lashes that are "amazingly gorgeous, unbelievably dense and long" remains to be seen. As does the new secret sauce that replaces prostaglandin. The thing about Age Intervention is that it actually worked. If Marini Lash does too without using a potentially harmful drug, Jan will be on to a winner.

UPDATE: 6/9/2008: My tube of the new Marini has arrived and I've written up the key ingredients. Click here for details: its safe, but will it work?