When I first heard about a new, revolutionary one-handed mascara, I didn't understand the concept at all. Who uses two hands to apply mascara? Now, perhaps that says more about me than Belvada, the Canadian company that makes Mascara Noir ($24). So I resolved to find out more about the world's first one-handed mascara. It turns out to be pretty nifty.

Typically, mascara applicators come in two parts, one with the brush and one with mascara. The user is required to dip - often pump - the brush end into the mascara end. This is where two hands come in. Duh. Belvada Mascara is all in one with a pen-like applicator. The cap can be put onto the end of the wand and the brush appears when you move a slider, bringing the mascara along with it. Air can't get into the container so the mascara stays clump free.

With all those oscillating and vibrating mascaras out there, at last someone has come up with something that makes sense. At least, ahem, when you put your mind to it.

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