I can't quite decide whether exfoliating your scalp to encourage new hair growth is a stroke if genius or completely pointless. Either way, I was intrigued by Nioxin Scalp Renew because its approach is nothing if not thorough - with three different exfoliating ingredients. Plus there is niacin, a vitamin B3 complex.

The theory behind Nioxin Scalp Renew, which is a monthly treatment (the bottle in the image is for one), is that gunk builds up on the scalp preventing topical products that stimulate hair growth to penetrate and do any good. Nioxin uses enzymes, alpha and beta hydroxy acids and willow bark to rid your head of unwanted debris.

You are then ready to make the most of Nioxin's hair growth shampoos and conditioners. Niacin is Nioxin's thing and it is used in all the products. There are systems for thinning hair and for people who want more volume, as well the balding. The range uses biotin (another vitamin B), vitamin B12 and the kinds of anti-oxidants that you would find in anti-aging face creams: ubiquinone and algae extracts, amino acids and carnitine. The reviews that I have seen for the Nioxin Starter Kit for fine hair are mostly extremely positive.